Winterfest 2008  


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     Bob, K9MDO and XYL Karen WB9YBL                                  John, W9ILY                                     Jack, W9NJB 


          Phil, N9LAH and XYL Cindy                                 Dot, N9ALC and OM Bob, W9LNQ                 Frank K9BWQ, George W9OA, Mike K9AJ


                    Bob, K9CJ                                             Jess, AI9L and Patti, AF9H                                      Dennis, KA9ZZT with XYL Jan


                  Bob, AK9Y and Eileen                                  Don, K9KNZ and Harry, K9MDK              Mary Ann, W9OAs XYL and Dolores, K9BWQ's XYL 


Everyone had a great time!