September 2013  


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Metro DX Club Meeting Minutes


September 13, 2013


The meeting was called to order by N9LAH at 7:30 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Old Business


a.)    Health and welfare: K9MDO will be visiting K9RB. John Raiger, K9DRS, noted that some other clubs have encountered a problem with HIPA when mentioning members’ health issues. Thus, specific issues will not be recorded.

b.)    A note from Bob, W9LNQ, was read by W9ILY. Bob has generously donated $50 to the club to help with the cost of the club flag.

c.)    July meeting minutes were discussed and approved, moved by K9BWQ and seconded by K9CS.

d.)   Treasury Report: Balance is $1647.19. Expenses of $257.41 included the yearly WEB domain cost ($11.45), the annual picnic ($70.01) and the club flag ($175.95). Income totaled $128.71 and was from WUST awards (three for $14.93), W9YYG Estate sales ($63.78) and W9LNQ donation for the club flag ($50.00).

e.)    Contesting: In the absence of K9CJ, W9ILY made a contest report. Results were from ARRL RTTY Roundup where Metro finished 5th in the Local Club category with 4 logs submitted; in the CQWW 160 Meter contest we finished 9th from the bottom; in the 2013 WPX RTTY contest Metro finished 28th out of 42 with 5 logs being credited; in the NAQP SSB, the Metro Marauders finished 3rd from the bottom with 4 logs submitted; in the NAQP CW, the Metro Marauders finished 75th out of 96 with 5 logs submitted; in the 2013 WPX SSB, while there is not a club competition, NV9L finished #5 in the USA as a multi-single entry with 6,925,566 points. N9TK was one of the operators.

f.)     WUST Award Update: Awards were issued to SM3KIF, K9MDO and W5BPT. To date, three applications have been the result of a link from the K9W web page.

g.)    Picnic: Picnic coordinator Mark May, K9TP, was unable to attend tonight’s meeting so a brief recap was made by N9LAH. Everyone had a great time and the weather was perfect. A surprise cake was presented to W9NJB on his 90th birthday. A full report is on our web site.

h.)    Club Flag: The club flag has been purchased and is currently in the custody of  N9LAH and was flown on N9LAH’s tower at the club picnic for all to see. It is single sided with a black logo on a white background. N9LAH will deliver it to WB9Z for Jerry to take to K9W. A photo will be taken at the hand-off to WB9Z.


New Business


a.)    DX donations: Club donations and guidelines were discussed at length. The results of these discussions will be posted on the club reflector in the files area that is only available to Metro members.

b.)    N9LAH noted that N2WB will not be joining the C82DX DXpedition.

c.)    A donation of $50.00 to the upcoming N8A DXpedition will be made as it will be a WUST location. This donation was moved, seconded and approved by the members present.

d.)   The operations at KG4 were discussed and, since it is a WUST location, N9LAH will research the possibility of having a WUST “flyer” included with the QSL cards that are sent by the club handling those cards.

e.)    A short discussion was held concerning a possible inter- or intra- club competition. Since the Metro Marathon had such little interest, this other idea will not be pursued.

f.)     A Metro club sponsorship of awards and plaques was discussed. N9TK will bring a list of possible openings for sponsorships and further discussion will be held.

g.)    Current and past DX: The activity by T10VB was noted along with the previous expeditions to non-DXCC locations. N9LAH mentioned that he just worked 9M6XRO. K9PY noted that he had recently replaced the rotary encoder on his FT-100.

h.)    Upcoming Contests: CQWW-RTTY, SSB and CW are the major upcoming contests. The CQWW rules have just changed and it is important to review them. Note that a club entry requires four logs to be submitted, so all club members are asked to be sure that Metro DX Club is entered as your club.

i.)      W9ILY noted the importance of having a correct log and submitting a log on behalf of Metro whenever you enter a contest. He pointed out that a single error in his log for the WPX-CW contest, logging K90M instead of K9OM cost 595 points! While it was a typing error, it was still a mistake. Be sure to check your logs and review the “log checking report” after the contest results are published to see where you made errors so you can, hopefully, correct those errors in the future.


A motion to close the meeting was made by K9MDO and seconded by W9NKV. Meeting closed at 8:25.


Refreshments were provided by N9TK.


A short video outlining the FT5ZM DXpedition was shown.


W9LNQ has donated a nice display of some of his historic QSL cards to the club. These are in plastic hanging displays and will be brought to future meetings. In addition, an unusual award that Bob had received from Singapore, the Lion City Award, was donated. Thanks Bob!


Attendees: N9LAH, K9CS, K9BWQ and Delores, K9PY, N9TK, K9MDO, N9ORD, K9DRS, W9NKV and W9ILY.


Submitted by W9ILY, Secretary-Treasurer