September 2008  


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The meeting this evening was called to order at 7:34PM by VP John Holmes W9ILY, in the absence of President Bob Adamitis K9MDO.  The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was led by W9ILY.  The minutes of the July 18th meeting and the Treasurer’s report were read by Secy/Treas. Jack Nienhaus W9NJB and approved.  W9ILY advised that the September meeting could not be held on the second Tuesday as previously planned as another group was using the meeting room. Our regular date on the third Friday was preempted by the W9DXCC convention.

Health & Welfare:  Bob K9MDO had heart bypass surgery on Monday and returned home today – Friday.  He is on a fast track recovery.  Dot N9ALC continues to experience health problems.  

Old Business:  

John W9ILY reported the following contest activity:

The results of the 2007 CQWW SSB contest included six club members’ scores with N9AKR having the high score of 123,253.

The February 2008 NAQP-RTTY contest results were read and the Metro Muttz team finished #21 out of 36 teams. There was a large scoring difference between our #21 and the next highest #20.

The next big upcoming contest will be CQWW-SSB on October 25-26.

W9ILY passed around a copy from the club WEB site that shows the members’ DXCC totals. John encouraged all members to report their totals to him so they can be included and updated.

W9ILY also advised the club that our club information has been submitted to World Radio for inclusion in future editions. This may lead to additional membership.

The 2nd Annual Picnic held at the Jess & Patti Colvin ranch on August 16th was a huge success and enjoyed by all.  There were 24 members and guests present. This is getting to be, if not already, one of the favorite club activities of the year.

New Business:  

Jess AI9L brought up the idea of a quarterly club operating activity as was done several years ago when the club operated from the W9NJB QTH. W9ILY will provide a list of upcoming contests so that we will be able to discuss this activity at our next meeting.

Jess AI9L also brought up the idea of a field trip to visit the WB9Z super station. Jess will contact WB9Z to see if this would be a possibility. 

Applications for membership received from two hams: Jerry Rosalius WB9Z and Norman (Al) Keck W9YYG.  Both are outstanding DX operators with many awards.  A motion to accept their membership application was made by Jess AI9L, seconded by Jerry K9PY and unanimously approved by the members present.

A copy of our membership application will be posted on the club WEB site by W9ILY so that persons who view the site can easily apply for membership. In addition, W9ILY will prepare a brief flyer describing the club so that Jess, AI9L, will have both a membership application and a club flyer available when he is performing QSL checking.

The Winterfest Banquet will be held on Friday January 16, 2009 at the Old Barn Restaurant in Burbank .  Our reservation there has been confirmed.  The rumor that the business was going to close was false.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:29PM and program chairman W9ILY presented a DVD entitled “Top 7 DXpeditions by K4UEE”.  The video was professionally made and was highly entertaining.  Members K9AJ and N2WB made an appearance in several of the DXpeditions shown.

Phil Snyder, N9LAH, provided refreshments this evening.  Thanks Phil.

The following members were present: W9ILY, K9PY, K9BWQ & XYL Dolores, AF9H, AI9L, N9ORD, N9LAH and W9NJB.

  Respectfully submitted by Jack Nienhaus, W9NJB Secretary/Treasurer