October 2014  


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Metro DX Club Meeting Minutes


October 24, 2014


The meeting was called to order by President Jim Mornar, N9TK at 7:39 with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. We were pleased to welcome new member Matt, KA9BBQ and visitors Jerry, K9LOT and Tony, KD9CAU. Jerry, K9LOT lives on ½ acre in New Lenox and enjoys working QSO parties with his 706. Tony, KD9CAU is a new Technician who has just ordered a TS-590 and is studying for his General ticket.


Old Business


a.)    Health and welfare:

N9TK reported on the passing of Jerry, KE9I. A motion to donate $50 to the St. Anthony Hospice in Crown Point, IN was made by K9PY and seconded by N9ORD. The motion passed and our donation will be made in Jerry’s memory.

b.)    The September minutes are posted on the web site. The minutes were accepted.

c.)    The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed by W9ILY. Approval was moved by N9LAH seconded by K9CJ.

d.)   A report about the WUST award activity was made by W9ILY. One award was issued during the month to NR9J. It had been suggested last month that an updated listing of active WUST operations be added to the web site. N9LAH will research this with the DXLabs group.

e.)    N9TK updated the group on the status of the K9BWQ estate sales. Frank’s XYL Delores has generously agreed to our club retaining 20% for DXpedition donations in Frank’s memory. Also, we purchased on Delores’ behalf a memorial brick at ARRL headquarters. It is inscribed “In memory of Frank K9BWQ an avid DXer”. An acknowledgement letter from the ARRL was read by W9ILY. N9TK reported that the acknowledgement certificate received by Delores was greatly appreciated and she plans to have it framed.

f.)     K9BWQ’s antenna still needs to be completely removed as this work was not completed. An antenna party at Frank’s QTH was suggested for November 8. N9TK will keep us updated.

g.)    Our Special Event Station using the callsign W9TY will be held on November 22. N9TK will have an open house at his QTH. At least five club members will be participating. A sample certificate was displayed by W9ILY for those who contact W9TY and request a confirmation. It was suggested that we have a special event station in the Joliet area next year.


New Business


a.)    Past contests were reviewed by W9ILY. Metro finished 6th from the bottom in the CQ 160 meter contest with 40,460 points and four scores submitted. CQWW-SSB is currently in full swing throughout the weekend. It was noted that NV9L won the first place plaque for CQWPX-SSB in the USA. Operators were NV9L, WB9Z and N9TK.

b.)    Current DXpeditions were noted and all members were given a listing of current operating DXpeditions and some upcoming ones.

c.)    Dues: members were reminded that our current dues of $10 will increase to $15 after December 31. Several members paid their dues. W9ILY noted that we have PayPal available for the convenience of the members. Dues payment via PayPal should be sent to w9ty@arrl.net. Contact W9ILY with any questions.

d.)   Board elections will be made in November. N9TK, K9CJ and W9ILY have volunteered to continue in their current posts.

e.)    Winter Dinner: N9TK is having discussions with the Harvest Room where we enjoyed our 2014 dinner. Their growing popularity and our request to have separate checks may present a problem. N9TK will continue to work with them.

f.)     W9ILY noted that a 4KW generator that was donated to the club by W9AEB has not been used since 2009 as we have not participated in Field Day since then. W9AEB agrees that the generator can be sold with the proceeds going to a DXpedition donation. Members were offered the opportunity to purchase the generator for $100. Guest Jerry, K9LOT, expressed interest.

g.)    Club Name Badges: A question has been raised as to why we do not have club name badges. W9ILY presented one that he had from NIDXA and was available from the Sign Man of Ohio for $9. AT least 10 members are interested and W9ILY will continue the research and report next month.

h.)    K9LOT noted that his club will be operating a special event station in September 2015 from Joliet as part of the Route 66 celebration. The call will be W9U.

i.)      A motion was made by N9ORD and seconded by K9DRS to close the meeting. Meeting closed at 9:04.



We all enjoyed a refreshment period that was followed by general discussions among the members. Unfortunately, our program presenter, K9CS, was ill and could not make his presentation. We will look forward to Carl’s presentation at a future date.


Attendees:  K9DRS, K9PY, new member KA9BBQ, N9LAH and XYL Cindy, K9LSH, N9ORD, N9TK, NV9X, WA9LEY, W9ILY, W9NKV who could not stay for the meeting, visitors Jerry K9LOT and Tony KD9CAU.


Submitted by W9ILY, Secretary/Treasurer