October 2011  


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Minutes of the Metro DX Club for Oct. 21, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 by  President Bob Jacobson, K9CJ. This was our first of what is hoped to be many meetings at our new location, the Tinley Park EOC. After many calls and emails back and forth, K9CJ was finally able to procure the facility for our meetings.


Old Business

After the Pledge of Allegiance John, W9ILY, updated us on the WUST award. since having the award placed in CQ magazine our total number of awards is up to 14. Recent certificates have gone out to Switzerland (both the WUST and a Metro Gold Award), NY, OR and NC. A majority of the awards are for all 16 territories. John also reported that at the present time we have actually broken even on the award. Frank, K9BWQ, has volunteered to put together an article for publication. The group discussed trying to get it published in QST, possibly in W3UR's "How's DX" column or trying to get him or N4AA to put something in their DX bulletins.

New Business

K9PY's Father-In-Law passed away and a card will be sent.

The 2012 Winterfest has been scheduled for Jan. 20th, 2012 at the Ashford House 7959 West 159th St. in Tinley Park

Phil N9LAH brought up the idea of the club "adopting" one or more logs that might be lost. We don't have the resources to handle a full blown DXPedition but thought we might be able to tackle a couple of logs where the current manager has either passed away or just become not interested in keeping the logs open. K9AJ mentioned in an email that he currently has software that will manage multiple calls and would be willing to be involved in the effort should we decide to take it on.

The log discussion was followed by a brief QSL Card Buro lesson for those not familiar with it.

W9ILY passed around 2 DL cards received by W9TY this month and N9ORD had some pictures to share from the Dayton Hamvention Metro Booth.

K9CJ and N9LAH have volunteered to stay on as President and VP for the coming year. Jim, NV9X is going to tackle the Contest Chair. We still need suggestions/volunteers for Sec/Treas.

N9LAH reported on the various QSO Parties and Sprints that some of us participated in.

W9ILY reported on upcoming and current DXpeditions including the 3XY1D, A52, C21, ZK2 and others

K9BWQ's XYL, Delores took a picture of the members present in front of the W9TY banner to commemorate our first meeting in our new home.

Meeting adjourned at 8:49 and we enjoyed a NCDXF video on the E4X operation.

Members present: K9CJ, N9LAH, W9ILY, NV9X, K9BWQ & XYL Delores and N9ORD.

Respectfully submitted,