November 2014  


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Metro DX Club Meeting Minutes


November 21, 2014


The meeting was called to order by President Jim Mornar, N9TK at 7:30 with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. We were pleased to welcome new member Thomas, N9IHZ and visitors Sue KC9RWS, the XYL of Jan WG9V, and Tony N9VVO.


Old Business


a.)    Health and welfare:

W9ILY reported on the procedure undergone by Jess, AI9L. Jess met with the manufacturer of the device that was implanted and was assured that he could continue to operate his station. Also, a donation has been made in the memory of KE9I to the St. Anthony Hospice in Crown Point, IN.

b.)    The October minutes are posted on the web site. Approval was moved by NV9X and seconded by WG9V. Motion passed.

c.)    The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed by W9ILY. In addition to the K9BWQ estate sales, he noted that $100 was received from K9LOT from the sale of the unused club generator. This will be donated to future DXpeditions. Approval was moved by WA9LEY seconded by WB9FMC. Motion passed.

d.)   A report of the WUST award activity was made by W9ILY. No awards were issued during the past month. However, an email was sent to all of the recipients who need Navassa for their award endorsement reminding them of the upcoming Navassa operation. Favorable response was received.

e.)    N9TK updated the group on the status of the K9BWQ estate sales. Jim suggested that others help in selling the remaining items. WG9V volunteered to help. All items will be on display at N9TK’s QTH during the Special Event open house on Saturday. Jim also outlined ideas for possible future club involvement in the handling of estates. To date, the club portion of sales is $1,205.00.

f.)     K9BWQ’s antenna still needs to be completely removed as this work was not completed. This will be done in the spring.

g.)    Board elections were held and, since N9TK, K9CJ and W9ILY volunteered to continue in their current posts in October, approval was moved by KM9M and seconded by many others. Motion passed.

h.)    Our Special Event Station using the callsign W9TY will be held on November 22. N9TK will have an open house at his QTH. At least five club members will be participating.


New Business


a.)    Our December meeting on the 19th was discussed. Since it is so close to Christmas, it was decided to have an informal pizza dinner. N9TK will check with Ed & Joe’s for a room. If a room is not available, the “pizzafest” will be in the normal meeting room.

b.)    Our donation policy for DXpeditions was reviewed by N9TK. In addition to NCDXF, INDEXA and Clublog, a donation should be made to the K1N DXpedition to Navassa as it is one of the WUST entities and Metro member WB9Z will be one of the operators. In keeping with past policy, donations will be made to each in the memory of K9BWQ. It was suggested by W9ILY that $400 be donated to NCDXF, $300 to INDEXA, $100 to Clublog and $400 to K1N. Levels of recognition will be researched by W9ILY. A survey of Metro members for those needing Navassa resulted in 5 needing it as an all-time new one, 8 needing it for new bands, 4 needing it for new modes and 1 not needing it at all.

c.)    Club Name Badges: W9ILY presented a prototype for the members to view. A final design will be submitted to the Sign Man of Ohio. Badges will be available to club members for $9.50 with a pin backing. A bulldog clip will cost $1.00 additional and a magnetic backing will cost $2.00 additional. Shipping to out of town members will cost an additional $1.00. Therefore, cost for an out of town member ordering a badge with a magnetic backing would be $12.50. A number of members present ordered their badges. Payment to by PayPal can be made.

d.)   Winter Dinner: N9TK reported on the dinner at the Harvest Room at 127th & Harlem Avenue in Palos Heights and presented a proposed special menu for members to review. All appeared pleased. Jim advised that there would be separate checks for the club members. We will need an approximate number of attendees and Jim will confirm with the restaurant.

e.)    Several members of the club participated in a “radial construction party” for the upcoming K1N DXpedition at N9TK’s business. Jim was fortunate to have both the wire and spools donated so all that needed to be done was to construct the radials and ship them to the DXpedition staging area. The shipping cost to date has been $30.40 and will increase somewhat. Jim asked that the club reimburse him for shipping and a motion to that effect was made by K9LSH, seconded by WG9V and passed.

f.)     Past contests were reviewed by W9ILY. Metro finished #8 out of 19 clubs in the Illinois QSO Party of 2013. Six members participated which was a good representation among the clubs. CQWW-CW is scheduled for the weekend of 11/29-30.

g.)    Current DXpeditions were noted and all members were given a listing of current operating DXpeditions and some upcoming ones. Since we were fortunate in having internet access, Jim pointed out the website that lists all known current DXpeditions plus having information for most from many years past.

h.)    Dues: members were reminded that our current dues of $10 will increase to $15 after December 31. Several members paid their dues. W9ILY noted that we have PayPal available for the convenience of the members. Dues payment via PayPal should be sent to Contact W9ILY with any questions.

i.)      Jan, WG9V, noted that the W1AW/9 operation from Illinois will be held for one week beginning on December 3. Jan will operate using the JT-65 mode. W9ILY will operate using RTTY.

j.)      W9ILY asked that members send him pictures of you “at your rig” so all members can enjoy your setup. Also, John pointed out that it is important to verify that your contest logs are received by the sponsor prior to their due date in case they go astray. His log for the ARRL RTTY Roundup never made it to the ARRL and his score was not included with the results.

k.)    A motion was made by WF9V and seconded by KM9M to close the meeting. Meeting closed at 8:29.



We all enjoyed a refreshment period that was followed by program on N1MMLogger by W9ILY. John had presented an introductory program two months ago and tonight’s program discussed configuration and a comparison between N1MMLogger Classic and N1MMLogger+.


Attendees:  K9DRS, K9LSH, KM9M, new member N9IHZ , N9TK, visitor Tony N9VVO, NV9X, W9ILY,WA9LEY, WB9FMC, WF9V, WG9V and his XYL Sue KC9RWX.


Submitted by W9ILY, Secretary/Treasurer