November 2012  


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Metro DX Club Meeting November 16, 2012

The meeting was opened at 7:39 by Bob, K9CJ, with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Health and Welfare

John, W9ILY, read a note received from Dot, N9ALC. She and Bob, W9LNQ, are moving slowly and getting along pretty well. They hope to make a meeting one of these months.

William Hotzfeld, the father of Valerie NV9L, passed away on November 11. W9ILY will send a sympathy card on behalf of the club.  

Old Business

The October Minutes were approved.

Treasurerís Report

Current cash balance: $263.39

Current checking balance: $1042.58

Income: Donation from the October pizza dinner $20, October Split the pot $20

N9ALC Dues $10, W9LNQ dues $10

Expenses: None

Contest Results: The contest results are posted on the web site.

K9PMV reported that his Field Day operation in Class 3A finished #138 out of 361. His site had many visitors.

N9TK reported that his operation in Class 1D finished #1. Nice going to N9TK, K9CJ and W9ILY.   

WUST Award Update: No activity since September.

New Business

Election of Club Officers

President: N9LAH

Vice President: K9DRS

Secretary/Treasurer: W9ILY

Winterfest: N9TK

Picnic Coordinator: Mark K9TP 

Refreshment Coordinators: N9TK (pop); K9CJ (cookies)

All nominees were approved by acclamation.

Winterfest Update: N9TK reported on his search for banquet locations. Researched were the Char House, Ashford House and Buca di Beppo. Jim brought menus from Buca di Beppo that all reviewed. It was decided that we would try Buca di Beppo this year as they do not have a minimum, offer a relatively private area for our group, have good food and reviews and will cost a little more than past years. The date will be January 18, 2013. Jim will handle the reservation and send all an email with details and cost.

Current and past DX: V84SMD is very active from Brunei. Also, PT0S from St. Peter & Paul Rocks will continue until next week. The ZL7 Chatham operation has finished and ZL9HR from Campbell will begin November 29.

General Discussions: W9ILY read a brief synopsis of the CQDX Marathon. It will begin on January 1 and run all year. Membersí activity will be appreciated and results will be posted on our WEB site.

W9ILY read emails that were received from a group going to 5X next year asking for sponsorship. Also, one was received for a proposed youth HF program. This will be resent to the club reflector so all can read and comment in the future.

Dues for future years were discussed briefly and a possible increase noted so we could support more DX operations. Dues for 2013 were collected from K9CJ, K9CS, K9DRS, K9PMV, K9PY, N9AKR, N9LAH, N9TK, NV9X and W9ILY.

The December meeting will not be held due to the proximity of Christmas. We may have an informal pizza get together instead. N9LAH will coordinate.

K9CJ noted that the Tinley Park EOC director has been very helpful for our club and it might be appropriate to make a donation to that organization. An amount of $50.00 was agreed upon by acclamation. K9CJ will check to be sure this would be permitted by the EOC.

Close Meeting

Move to Close: NV9X; Second by N9TK.

After Meeting:

N9LAH presented the VK9ML video. Also, Jerry, K9PMV, brought items from his Caribbean mini-DXpedition. Since many were not able to view them, Jerry was asked to bring them to the next meeting. Also, a number of historic QSL cards were passed around for the group to view.

Attendance:  K9CJ, K9CS, K9DRS, K9PMV, K9PY, KC9RNK, N9AKR, N9LAH, N9TK, NV9X, W9ILY.

Minutes respectfully submitted by W9ILY, Secretary/Treasurer.