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                                                K9GA in 1968 from newspaper feature                



Jess AI9L at CADXA 2016 with his Metro cap!     WD9FEB, W9ILY, KA9ZZT operating WPX around 1993


Jess AI9L (on right) card checking-Prescott Hamfest     N9TK, NV9L, WB9Z before K5P program 6/17/16


      Jan WG9V on the Battleship Missouri                      Our May 22, 2015 meeting prior to WB9Z's K1N program 



 A very tired WB9Z after putting 16,000 QSOs in the FT5ZM log!           The KH6BB radio shack as it was in WWII



  WB9Z and N9TK on shore at Wake Island   WB9Z and N9TK with the Metro Flag  WB9Z with the Wake Commander


                      Roger K9RB with antenna expert Barry, W9UCW                                                  Al, W9YYG with Roger, K9RB


                       Barry W9UCW with Al W9YYG                                            WA9LEY in 1966 with his HQ-145 and Viking Valiant II


                      W9ILY operating his 1960 Field Day setup as K2YZI. The generator hash was terrible!                                                                            

          WA9EKA (K9RB) QSL from 1962                  K9RB and K9MDO in Florida 9/2013            N9LAH at the Dayton Hamvention 2010



      K9MDO at 8P6AW in April 2012                  Our Metro flag ready for DXpeditions 2013              K9PMV Monk Parakeet nest


N2WB at King George Is. S. Shetlands 2006              N2WB, K9MDO, K9RB in 2006           N2WB, K9MDO, W9NJB and W9ILY in 2006


 The former AI9L/AF9H antenna farm in IL                AI9L way up on his big tower            


Bill, N2WB, on the "Real Outdoors" cover.       N2WB and K4ZLE in the Clipperton sun.      N2WB off King George Island, S. Shetlands


                 The WB9Z Antenna Farm             N9LAH 2001 VHF/UHF Test-Copper Harbor, MI



W9AEB antennas-Florida QTH                      N2WB with a Clipperton "local"                  


WB9Z handling SSB at K5D                       AF9H and AI9L checking QSL cards                      N2WB addressing the SEDXC convention


          AI9L, AF9H and WB9Z having fun!              K9AJ and the gang on SA-062 operating PW6C.     AF9H, WB9Z, AI9L in WB9Z's shack


     IK0LNN a guest op at WB9Z's QTH              WB9Z with METRO DX Cap at VP8ORK


                N2WB in Honduras 2011                  Mike, K9AJ and Sue, K9XYL, with Mike's             AF9H/AI9L antennas in Arizona

                                                                           CQDX Hall of Fame Certificate


 K9PMV's Inverted Vee Tree      N2WB with the VE Team at ET3AA 2011              WB9Z as the 2011 DX Ham of the Year


VE3CFK(W2NHA) with AI9L at his AZ home              HKMW with WB9Z in his Metro DX Club hat at HK0NA Malpelo 2012


AI9L/AF9H 160M 70' top-loaded vertical.                      WB9Z in his Metro cap at NH8S Swains Island 2012

1st QSOs AI9L and AF9H with 3D2C


          W9LNQ Field Day QRP 1981

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