May 2013  


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Metro DX Club Meeting Minutes

 May 10, 2013

The meeting was called to order by N9LAH at 7:35 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Following members’ introductions, the meeting continued.

Health and Welfare

Jack, W9NJB, has good and poor days. He had hoped to come to the meeting but it was a poor day for him.

K9MDO reported that Roger, K9RB, is in poor health with a mass found in his lung.

Bob, W9LNQ, and Dot, N9ALC, are both doing OK.

Carl, K9CS, saw both AI9L and AF9H in Visalia when he delivered Jess’ Metro cap. Patti is not doing too well.

 Old Business  

a.)    March meeting minutes that had been distributed were approved. Moved by K9TP and seconded by K9PY.

b.)    Treasurers Report: April balance was $1378.13. Income was $28.96 and expenses were a donation for K9W, NCDXF and Clublog, the quarterly web site cost and a replacement cap for AI9L. Report approved.

c.)    Contests discussed: W9ILY reported on the results of several contests including CQWW-RTTY that was won by N9LAH in the Multi-Single low power USA category. N9TK operated CQWPX-SSB from WB9Z’s QTH. In the CQWPX club competition, Metro finished #46 out of 61 clubs with 1,494,413 points from our 11 entrants.

d.)   AES Superfest: N9LAH reported that most visitors to the Metro table were Metro club members. N9LAH and K9DRS manned the table.

e.)    WUST Award: One endorsement request was issued.

f.)     GOLD Certificate: One certificate was awarded to UA9YF.

g.)    Marathon/Challenge update: Only three members have made a submission, K9NU, N9LAH and W9ILY. We need additional participation. Let W9ILY know your DXCC country and zone totals for 2013.

h.)    Metro caps: John, K9DRS, has located a local company that will provide embroidered caps for $20.00.   

New Business  

a.)    Field Day – N9TK may have Field Day from his QTH if feed lines can be fixed. Jim needs a quiet generator for FD. K9TP discussed current generator technology and N9LAH reported on the previous FD in Chebanse.

b.)    Picnic: The annual picnic will be held at N9LAH’s QTH in on August 3. K9TP is the coordinator.

c.)    Club name: N9LAH made a suggestion for the club name to include “contesting” in the name. This was suggested so all can give it some thought. Our caps would not be changed.

d.)   A possible increase to club yearly dues was discussed. K9MDO suggested that it be based upon need in the future. A past increase was based upon expenses for the printed newsletter. Metro sponsored a 40 meter contesting plaque years ago. Possibly we could sponsor one for CQWW SSB/CW/RTTY or ARRL contests. N9TK will research which ones are available.

e.)    Armed Forces Day will be Saturday, May 11 where cross-band contacts are allowed. Check the ARRL web site for information.

f.)     WUST cards: It was suggested that our WUST award be printed on QSL-type cards. This was discussed with no definite conclusion reached other than the expense for the cards is not justified. W9ILY will contact N4AA about including WUST info with K9W and other WUST locations that might be mentioned in the “QRZ DX” newsletter.

g.)    DX activity: VK9NT is currently active. The operations from VU7 and 8Q have ended their data has been uploaded to Clublog. Upcoming operations include K9W Wake, ZS8 Marion Island, and FT5ZM Amsterdam Island. N9LAH recently worked YI9RZ on both SSB and RTTY. CONGRATULATIONS, PHIL!

h.)    K9PY noted that two Pitcairn Islanders visited our club years ago in the 1980’s. One was VP6BX who is still active.

i.)      Donations were discussed. It was decided that the club could support DXpeditions directly on which Metro members participate, such as K9W. Otherwise, our policy is to donate to NCDXF and INDEXA.

j.)      Upcoming Contests: Volta RTTY will be this weekend and CQWPX-CW will be on Memorial Day weekend.

k.)    A Dayton update was given by N9LAH. We will have four spaces starting with #FE 4019. Thanks to Bob N9ORD and Phil N9LAH. The Metro banner will be displayed and WUST Award information will be available. There will be a DXLab Suite program on Sunday morning. Past years’ septic issues were also discussed.


A motion to close the meeting was made by N9TK and seconded by K9PY.

Refreshments were provided by Jim, by N9TK. Thanks!

A video of VP6T Pitcairn Island 2012 was presented.

Attendees: K9CS, K9DRS, K9MDO, K9NU, K9PMV, K9PY, K9TP, N9LAH, N9TK, NV9X, W9ILY, W9NKV.

Submitted by W9ILY, Secretary/Treasurer