March 2016  


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Metro DX Club Meeting Minutes

                                                             March 18, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Mornar N9TK with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag at 19:30.

In attendance, besides Jim, were John  W9ILY, John K9DRS, Lee WA9LEY, Jerry K9PY, Mike K9AJ, Rich W9NKV, Bob N9ORD, Mark K9TP, Tony N9AAC, Jeff KD9APD,  Phil N9LAH, Jan WG9V, Mike K9LSH, visitors Keith K9ZST, Dave AC9NU and guest speaker Jack W9MU.


Health and Welfare Nothing to Report

The MINUTES as distributed of the previous meeting were approved by N9ORD and seconded by K9TP.

The TREASURERS REPORT was distributed by John, W9ILY. $436.11 is available for donations. Income of $31.16 was from dues and WUST awards. Expenses of $3.60 were incurred for postage.

A motion to approve the treasurerís report was made and seconded.

VISITORS: We welcomed Keith K9ZST and Dave AC9NU to our meeting.

WUST: We issued two awards and one endorsement.  

The results from 2015 CQWW-RTTY were given with a comparison of scores by clubs. We placed 26 out of 38 in the USA with five members participating.

SPECIAL EVENT: Statistics from the activation of W9TY recognizing the Diamond Illinois Mine Disaster of 1883 were distributed. We made 273 contacts and 49 requests for confirmation were received. 90 LoTW confirmations were recorded and this resulted in 50.9% of the contacts being confirmed either by paper, email or LoTW.

Dave, AC9NU, in attendance from Minooka, received his license the Tuesday preceding the meeting and introduced himself to the club.


Information on K9ILX Estate sale was distributed.

A thank you card for Dolores regarding the K9BWQ estate was passed around to be signed by the members.

A Field Day report was given by K9CJ and it will tentatively be held at the Tinley Park Mental Health Center as it was last year with use of the trailer and generator.

The EOC antenna is still on hold pending an antenna decision. An antenna without radials is required. K9CJ sent an email to Pat Carr of the EOC with his recommendations. We are planning to check the equipment in the EOC room at a future meeting.

The SDR Radio project is forthcoming.

General Discussion:

Mike K9AJ gave a report on his adventure on South Sandwich VP8STI and South Georgia VP8SGI. Storm issues hampered operation on both islands with high winds and blizzard conditions affecting the tent structures. He mentioned the penguins, seal cubs and that the entire expedition was generally free of medical incidents.

Statistics on the number of contacts and the budget were explained.

For current and scheduled DXpeditions check out:

A vote was approved to donate $100 each to Clublog and NCDXF following a motion by K9TP, seconded by N9LAH.

Following a motion to adjourn by K9TP and seconded by WG9V, the meeting was called to a CLOSE at 20:03.

Following a short break, W9NU from NIDXA made a detailed presentation on G5RV antennas and feed lines.

Respectfully submitted:

John Raiger K9DRS