March 2015  


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Metro DX Club Meeting Minutes


March 20, 2015


The program this evening preceded the general membership meeting in order to accommodate presenter Pat Carr, Director of the Tinley Park Emergency Operations Center. The description of our tour is included below.  

The meeting was called to order at 20:08 by President Jim Mornar N9TK, with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

In attendance, besides Jim, were John, W9ILY, Bob K9CJ, John K9DRS, Bob N9ORD, Jerry K9PY, Lee WA9LEY, Mike K9LSH, Tony KD9CAU, Jim NV9X, Bob WF9V and Thomas N9IHZ.


HEALTH AND WELFARE had a report from Tony, KD9CAU on the status of being present on crutches This was due to a rough landing and tearing his 5th metatarsal during one too many racquetball games. He hopes to be back running around in 6-8 weeks.

The MINUTES are posted on the website and a motion was made and seconded to accept these as published.

The TREASURERS REPORT was distributed by John, W9ILY. The amount of $217.29 is still available for donations and the full report is posted on the Yahoo Groups page for members to view.

The treasurerís report was approved and seconded as distributed.

The WUST award has been issued to W1RM, having submitted a screenshot indicating that he now has all 16 entities. 

Mention was made of the Metro GOLD AWARD for having contact with two Metro DX members.



The winner for guessing the number of contacts was Bob, N9ORD.

He was presented with a commemorative beer stein.


In 2016, South Sandwich and South Georgia Islands is scheduled with Metro DX members Mike K9AJ and Bill N2WB.

Heard Island is scheduled for the end of 2015. Info at

Recent events included Oklahoma QSO Party, CQ WW WPX and BARTG RTTY contests.

Metro DX members were in top twelve for Illinois participants in last Octobers California QSO party. This includes W9OA, NV9X, WA9LEY, W9ILY and K9PMV.

Lee, WA9LEY was among those who accomplished contact with E30FB.  Lee uses a dipole in his attic.

Adding to the ranks of Honorary  Membership are Dorothy (Dot), N9ALC  (widow of W9LNQ) with 342 DXCC credits, and Jack W9NJB our club secretary 1994-2009. The motion to accept was made by K9PY with a second by K9CJ and passed by the members present.

K9BWQ Tower is still there and must be scheduled for removal later this spring.  

FIELD DAY was discussed including earning extra points and possibly working from the EOC in Tinley. First the station antenna requires review or repair, as it did not seem to function properly.

The ATNO Club Challenge was mentioned as an opportunity for those with a lower DX count to succeed. Members need to notify W9ILY when they work (not necessarily confirm) an All Time New One.

The May club meeting needs to be rescheduled so as not to conflict with Dayton Hamvention. May 22 was proposed and K9CJ will confirm the date with the EOC personnel.

Jerry WB9Z will hopefully be able to offer a presentation on the K1N DXpedition at the June meeting.

John W9ILY read a letter received from the Franciscan Communities Hospice in Crown Point, Indiana thanking us for our donation that was made in the memory of Jerry, KE9I.

W9ILY also noted that our November Special Event station now has been confirmed by 46.4% on LoTW.

Following a motion to adjourn by N9IHZ and second by K9CJ, the meeting was called to a CLOSE at 20:59 so that socializing could proceed.


Respectfully submitted:

John Raiger K9DRS



Tour of Emergency Operations Center for Tinley Park


Presented by Pat Carr, Director of Tinley Park Emergency Management.


Mr. Carrís background includes 23 years with the Air Force.


He is involved with the planning activities and incident command.


Emergency Medical Services for the village now has marked ambulance vehicles located in the fire stations and operated by Kurtz Ambulance Services.  The five ambulances handle over 5,500 calls per year.


The village has a helipad, located by the police station on 183rd street.  This has been used for training by military exercises, since it is near the former State Mental Health facility.


A tour of the EOC radio room showed the redundant radio control equipment that has the capability to communicate with local agencies. Tinley Park is one of the 13 accredited emergency agencies in the State.


This was followed by a visit to the 911 Center on the first floor.


Photos of the center are available at: