March 2014  


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Metro DX Club Meeting Minutes

March 21, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Mornar, N9TK at 7:38 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag followed by membersí introductions. We welcomed guests John, KC9YAZ and Jan, WG9V to our meeting. Jan had filled out a membership application and he was welcomed as a new member.


Old Business

     a.)    Health and welfare:

i.)                  Our friend and fellow member Patti Colvin, AF9H, passed away on March 9 in Kingman, AZ. W9ILY gave the group information concerning Pattiís health.

ii.)                Bob, W9LNQ, suffered a stroke and a letter that W9ILY received from Dot, N9ALC, concerning Bobís recovery was read to the group. During Bobís recovery mail should be sent to: R. Truhlar, 14855 W. Smith Road, Manhattan, IL 60442.

b.)    All members received a copy of the February meeting minutes. Approval was moved by K9CJ, seconded by W9OA and the minutes were approved.

c.)    The Treasurerís Report was reviewed by W9ILY. Income was from two WUST awards, membership dues, excess from last monthís pizza dinner and a raffle. Expenses were for plaques and postage. Details were distributed to all members. The report was approved.

d.)   Upcoming contests were reported by W9ILY. N9TK will be at the QTH of WB9Z for a multi-multi effort for CQWPX-SSB.

e.)    Two WUST awards have been issued since our last meeting to KG8CZ and K8EAB. The K9W web page was the source for at least one of these applications.

f.)     N9TK reported on a memorial that was held on March 7 for Roger, K9RB, before the Hamfesters meeting. Many Metro members were in attendance.

g.)    The WAE Challenge for Metro was reviewed by W9ILY. There are three classes: those having fewer than 100 DXCC, those having 100-200 DXCC and those having over 200.To date only five members have reported their activity to W9ILY for web posting. K9BWQ is now at the top of the challenge listing in Category #3. The rules and results are on the web site.

h.)    W9ILY reported that all except three members from 2013 have renewed their membership. Our overall dues-paid membership is now at 39, the same as the past year.

i.)      John, K9DRS, reported on Metro caps and possibly other apparel that can be ordered through him. John presented a sample cap with stitched lettering rather than heat transfer letting. John will advise us of the price.


New Business

a.)    New Members: We officially welcomed Jan, WG9V to Metro. Welcome!

b.)    Field Day June 28-29: K9CJ mentioned that it has been several years since the club really participated. N9TK said that his work place could possibly be used but antennas would need to be erected. He also said that his home QTH might be used for an operation in Class 1E (home station with emergency power). Field Day will be discussed further in April.

c.)    Dayton Hamvention: N9TK asked who would be going to the Hamvention. Of those present, the following will be going: NV9X, N9TK, WG9V and KC9YAZ. N9ORD and N9LAH will have a booth in the flea market area in the same location as last year.

d.)   Current Band Conditions and DX: The high bands (10-12-15-17) have been very good. Active now are XZ1Z, 3W1V, EP3HV, ZL9AAA and a group from 4S7. The W1AW/KH2 station has been very loud.

e.)    Summer Picnic: Planned discussions about the picnic were delayed until April.

f.)     General discussion: The ongoing problem with DX spotting errors was discussed. It appears that the errors are becoming more frequent.

A motion to close the meeting was made by K9PY and seconded by W9MK. Meeting closed at 8:15.

A presentation of the DX Labs suite of programs was given by Jerry, K9PY. Jerry explained and demonstrated the various modules of the program, how that are configured and how they are integrated. A connection to the internet allowed real-time spots to be received to show how filtering works. All members enjoyed the presentation and found it to be very interesting and useful.

Attendees: K9BWQ and XYL Delores, K9CJ, K9DRS, K9PY, K9TP, KA9ZZT, N9TK, NV9X, W9ILY, W9MK, W9OA, WB9LSH, WF9V, WG9V and guest KC9YAZ.

Submitted by W9ILY, Secretary-Treasurer