March 2013  


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Metro DX Club Meeting Minutes


March 15, 2013

 The meeting was called to order by N9LAH at 7:40 PM.


Old Business


a.)    Health and welfare: John K9DRS is fine. Discussed the passing of former member Ed Andrews KB9KV and an article about Al, W9YYG.

b.)    February meeting minutes approved. Moved by N9TK and seconded by K9TP.

c.)    Treasury Report: March balance was $1519.35. Prior payables were a donation in memory of W9YYG, a donation to INDEXA and new hat for AI9L. Moved by K9TP, seconded by N9TK

d.)   Contests discussed: BARTG RTTY and SSB Sprint.

e.)    WUST Award: No new certificates issues.


New Business


a.)    AI9Lís hat was lost by the post office. The club decided to replace it and K9CS will hand deliver. THANKS.

b.)    K9DRS will look into a local supplier for future hat purchases.

c.)    AES Hamfest: N9LAH and his wife Cindy will be going. Looking for additional volunteers for April 5 & 6.

d.)   DX donations: It was decided to approve a $100 donation to the Wake Island DXpedition (K9W) of which K9CS and WB9Z will be members. It will be a WUST award location. Other donations approved were $100 to NCDXF and $50 to Clublog.

e.)    Discussed N9LAH winning CQWW RTTY LP, multi-single. GREAT!

f.)     So far, very few have entered their 2013 Metro marathon scores to W9ILY.

g.)    Current DX operations: 9M4SLL, H44G, 8Q7NC.

h.)    Upcoming Contest: CQWW SSB, weekend of March 30.

i.)      A 50/50 split the pot was held.

j.)      A Dayton update was given by N9ORD. We have four spaces available, starting with  #FE 4019. Thanks Bob and Phil (N9LAH).


Meeting closed at 8:36

Refreshments by N9TK and K9CJ

A video of 7O6T was presented.


Attendees: K9DRS, K9TP, N9ORD, K9BWQ, K9CJ, N9LAH, N9TK, K9PY, K9CS, NV9X.


Submitted by K9CJ, recording secretary.