March 2012  


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The meeting was called to order at 7:34 by president pro-tem Bob Adamitis , K9MDO, due to both K9CJ and N9LAH being absent. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, each member present was asked to introduce himself. As President K9CJ had prepared an official agenda for the meeting, K9MDO was able to follow the order of business that K9CJ had established.

Health & Welfare: Roger, K9RB, is in good spirits. Jack, W9NJB, has been ill for the past 1 ½ weeks. Bob, W9LNQ, is recovering from surgery.

Printed minutes of the February meeting were distributed. K9BWQ moved and WF9V seconded the acceptance of the minutes as published on our WEB site. Motion passed.

W9ILY gave the Treasurer’s Report of $237.01 cash on hand and $982.97 in our checking account. The multiple expenditures and receipts were described to the members. WF9V moved and N9ORD seconded the acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report. Motion passed.

There was no contest report as our contest chairman was absent.

An application for club membership and $10 dues was received from Mark, K9TP, who had previously been a Metro member.

Bob, K9MDO, reported on the recent Hamfesters meeting where K9MDO, W9ILY and K9CJ were present. We showed our WUST certificate and had handouts describing the certificate to those who were interested.

It was suggested that the pronunciation of the WUST Certificate be as in the saying “WUST is a MUST”. This line will be added to our description of the WUST Certificate.

The upcoming Swains Island DXpedition in September was discussed. Jerry, WB9Z, will be one of the operators and a donation of $50 from the club was discussed. A motion to make this donation was made by N9ORD and seconded by WF9V. Motion passed. Mark, K9TP, made a donation of $40 for Swains and Jim, N9TK, made a donation of $10 for Swains. The Club will make a $100 donation to Swains due to their generosity.

A Field Day operation was discussed. N9TK suggested it could be done from his home QTH. No decision was reached.

An update of the Dayton Hamvention was given by Bob, N9ORD. Four spaces have been secured in the swap fest area at no cost to the club and the club banner will be displayed. Also, an enlarged, laminated copy of the WUST Certificate was given by W9ILY to Bob for display at Dayton . Handouts will be priced by W9ILY from our printer in Morris.

WB9Z has offered to give the club a presentation of his HKØNA DXpedition. Jerry will not be able to attend in April, so W9ILY will check with Jerry about the possibility of a June 15 presentation. While discussing these dates, it was noted that the Dayton Hamvention will occur on the weekend of our regular May meeting. Since Metro meeting attendance will suffer greatly, N9ORD moved and N9TK seconded a motion that the May meeting be cancelled. Motion passed.

W9ILY noted that the Spaceweather site had created a new one for viewing the Aurora Oval. The site is . This will be noted on the club website.

A letter received from the Galva Hamfest was read and CDs with instructional videos covering the N1MMLogger contesting program that had been prepared by W9ILY were distributed.

A motion to adjourn was made by N9ORD and seconded by W9PDS. The meeting adjourned at 8:15 and our video program “The Lost Islands” was viewed. This was a very interesting and different video about a 2001 Arctic adventure by a group of Russian hams and was enjoyed by all.

Members present: K9BWQ and XYL Delores, K9MDO, K9TP, N9TK, W9ILY, W9PDS, W9YYG and WF9V.

Respectfully submitted by John Holmes, W9ILY, Secretary/Treasurer.