King of the Mountain 2020  


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As promised, the Metro KING OF THE HILL for "Round One" is Jerry, K9PY, "Round Two" is Barry, N2BJ and "Round Three" is Ralph, K9ZO. Let's all give the winners our thanks for putting in a great effort for these events! Unfortunately, there is no plaque or banner for the winners, only a colorful certificate and, of course, bragging rights. So you can shout it to the rooftops as much as you want! Congratulations!  

This will be a year-long competition! Yes, something fun to do while we're stuck at home and later when things return to normal. The year-long competition will result in the METRO KING OF THE MOUNTAIN and the winner will be announced after the end of the year. And, there will be a prize awarded to the winner! Following the eligible contest, the winner of the KING OF THE HILL will be announced. You can keep track of the various contestants on our web page so you can see your standings along with the other Metro members. The total of the number of QSOs for each qualifying contest will be used to determine who will be the ultimate METRO KING OF THE MOUNTAIN!  

The "qualifying contests" are listed below.

For scoring, a person can earn the "King of the Hill" once per quarter for the top number of QSOs in a "qualified contest". However, the number of QSOs that are made in each of the qualifying contests will accumulate and the final total of QSOs will be used to determine the "METRO KING OF THE MOUNTAIN" that will be awarded at the Winterfest dinner, probably in January, 2021. That way you'll keep accumulating QSOs throughout the year toward the final goal. To keep a level playing field, only single operator entries will be eligible.

Here are the "Qualifying Contests":

May: The Hamvention QSO Party May 16. WINNER: Ralph K9ZO

June: Field Day June 27. 

IARU: July 12. 

August: NAQP-SSB August 15. 

September: WA State Salmon Run Sept. 19. 

October: CA QSO Party October 3. 

November: ARRL Sweepstakes SSB November 21. 

December: RAC Winter December 19.

This should give every member a chance to add to their QSO totals whether it is SSB or CW.

Now, get on the air and have some fun!!

Here are the results:



GA QSO Party

FL QSO Party Hamvention QSO Party Field Day


NAQP-SSB  WA State Salmon Run CA QSO Party ARRL Sweepstakes SSB RAC Winter YEARLY TOTAL
N2BJ   406

Winner Round 2

523 2337             3266
K9ZO     1171

Winner Round 3

1833             3004


NV9L     258 1870             2128
K9NR 31   303 1007             1341
N9TK 8 63 154 1048             1273
WB9Z     954               954
WT2P   148 133 640             921
WA9LEY 75 158 116 235             584
K9PMV   77 103 229             409
WB9FMC       311             311
K9CS       280             280
W9OA   164                 164
K9PY 75

Winner Round 1

0                 75
K9GA       51             51
NE9A 9                   9
W9KXT     7               7
K9EL   1   3             4