June 2014  


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Metro DX Club Meeting Minutes


June 20, 2014


The meeting was called to order by President Jim Mornar, N9TK, at 7:27 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Introductions were made including visitors Lee, WA9LEY, Joel, KA9IIE and John KC9YAZ.


Old Business


a.)    Health and welfare:

N9TK reported on the passing of long time Metro member Bob, W9LNQ. W9ILY explained that Metro will assist with Bob’s equipment disassembly and disposal if and when requested. Bob, W9LNQ, had made this request of W9ILY over a year ago. It was moved by K9CJ and seconded by K9DRS that Metro make a $50 donation in Bob’s memory in accordance with the family’s wishes.

b.)    All members received a copy of the May minutes. K9CJ moved they be approved and the motion was seconded by K9DRS. Minutes approved.

c.)    The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed by W9ILY. There was no activity during the previous month other than a donation to Clublog. Tonight N9TK made a donation of $40 from the sale of power supplies at Dayton to the club. This will be on the July report. Our complete Treasurer’s Report is in the “files” section on our Yahoo Group.

d.)   Upcoming contests were discussed by Jim, N9TK who provided a listing. W9ILY reported that Metro had several team competition results: 2013 Sweepstakes SSB 74,558 points #29 out of 35; ARRL 160M 97,088 points #9 out of 10; 2013 CQWW 1,808,130 points #51 out of 69; ARRL 10M 822,360 points #11 out of 31; 2014 January NAQP-SSB #74 out of 85; January NAQP-CW #49 out of 90 and February NAQP-RTTY #24 out of 42. In all, a fair showing.

e.)    There were no WUST awards requested or issued since last month.

f.)     Mark, our picnic chairman, made his report. It will be at the N9LAH QTH on the first Saturday in August, August 2nd. There will be a good turnout and all are welcome! N9TK discussed the CW Pileup competition that will be held at the picnic throughout the day. Prizes will be given!

g.)    There was no Dayton report as neither N9ORD nor N9LAH was able to attend tonight’s meeting.



New Business


a.)    Heard recently on 6M by W9ILY was KH6HI, a very rare catch. A good tool for watching the location of the DX spots is dxmaps.com.

b.)    There will be no Metro Field Day operation this year WB9Z will be operating as W1AW/9. Other Field Day sites to visit are Hamfesters at 115th and Harlem and STARS in Messenger Woods.

c.)    CW Training: N9TK presented several ideas that would help those who are interested in becoming more proficient in CW. It was generally agreed that contesting is hard for beginners and we can certainly help those who wish to improve. No decisions were reached.

d.)   General discussion:

1.)    K9PY presented a nice certificate that he received for #1 in Arizona in a 2013 VHF contest.

2.)    K9DRS reported that he has seen FCC enforcement on the increase.

3.)    K9LSH noted a “new” award for WAN (Worked No DX) might be in the offing due to poor conditions.

4.)    Sample QSL cards made by UX5UO were passed around. Metro is mentioned on his web site and his QSL service is noted on our site. These generate traffic for both.

5.)    NV9X displayed his new Field Day T-shirt and described his upcoming Field Day QRP operation in class 1B1.



K9LSH moved the meeting close with a second by K9TP. The meeting closed at 8:15.


We all enjoyed a refreshment period that was followed by a video presentation of several segments from HamNation that featured Val, NV9L.


Attendees:  K9BWQ and XYL Delores, K9CJ, K9DRS, K9LSH, K9MDO, K9PY, K9TP, N9TK, NV9X, W9ILY, WG9V and visitors KA9IIE, KC9YAZ and WA9LEY.


Submitted by W9ILY, Secretary-Treasurer