July 2009  


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The meeting was called to order by President Bob K9MDO at 7:38 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance recited by the members.  The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved by all members.  (Secretary/Treasurer Jack W9NJB is absent this evening  and Patti AF9H is acting Secretary.)


Field Day expenses, so far, amounted to $137.00.

Donation of $50.00 received from Bob W9LNQ and Dot N9ALC


H&W:  The mother of Phil N9LAH is currently in the hospital.  Bob K9MDO visited  Roger K9RB at his home in Florida .  Roger has a number of health problems and now has a new artificial foot which is helping him move around.


Contests:  The North American RTTY contest is this weekend and some members plan on working it.  John W9ILY is traveling and will work the contest on the road.


Field Day: Chairman Bob K9CJ said that Field Day was a success.  He recommends we use the same location next year.  The site fee was discussed and raising money for field day was postponed until more members are present.


Picnic:  Chairman Bob N9ORD has had a few more responses.  He will phone Bob and Dot as they do not have e-mail.  K9MDO said he will be in Mexico in August and K9AJ has commitments and will not attend.  


Refreshments tonight were furnished by Jerry K9PY.  Bob K9CJ will provide them in September.  Meeting closed at 8:40 PM .


Members present tonight were: AF9H, AI9L, K9MDO, K9PY, K9CJ, N9ORD, K9BWQ & Delores.


Respectfully, Patti AF9H, Secretary Pro-Tem.