January 2010  


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In lieu of the regular January meeting, a group of the club’s membership along with their XYLs and YLs met on January 15th at the Asbury House restaurant on 159th Street in Tinley Park for the Metro DX Club Annual Winterfest Banquet.  This is a tradition that goes back a number of years with the only change being that in the early days of the club it was held as a Christmas party and is now held following Christmas as a Winterfest Banquet. 

The following were in attendance at the banquet: Bob Adamitis K9MDO and his XYL Karen WB9YBL; Dave Alm WG9J and his XYL JoAnn; Jess Colvin AI9L and his XYL Patti AF9H; John Holmes W9ILY; Bob Jacobson K9CJ; Norman “Al” Keck W9YYG and his XYL Diane; Mike McGirr K9AJ and his XYL Sue K9XYL; Jack Nienhaus W9NJB; Bob Truhlar W9LNQ and his XYL Dot N9ALC; Frank Gassmere K9BWQ and his XYL Delores; Bob Sebonia AK9Y and his YL Eileen; Phil Snyder N9LAH and his XYL Cindy; George Zielinski W9OA and his XYL Maryann; Pat Skerrett W9PDS; Rick Cartell W9NKV and his XYL Carolyn.  

We ordered off the menu and enjoyed our choice of a number of various entrees that everyone agreed were delicious.  We had a spacious room all to ourselves with plenty of elbowroom at the tables.

The program was presented by Dave Alm, WG9J, and it was a DVD of a trip to Peru that Dave and his wife JoAnn had taken.  JoAnn prepared both last year's and this year's DVD programs for the Winterfest.  It was very interesting and enjoyed by all!

Respectfully submitted Rick Cartell W9NKV Assistant Secretary/Treasurer