February 2017  


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Metro DX Club Meeting Minutes

 February 17, 2016

 The meeting was called to order by President Jim N9TK, with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag at 19:30.

 In attendance, besides Jim were John W9ILY, John K9DRS, Bob N9ORD, Matt KA9BBQ, Jerry K9PY, Mike K9LSH, Mel NE9A, Dennis KA9ZZT, Joe KA9QAT, Jeff KD9APD, Carl  K9CS, Mark K9TP and Lee  WA9LEY.


 Health and Welfare: W9ILY gave a brief update on Dot, N9ALC. Her current status is satisfactory and she spends her time with her son and daughter.

 New member: We welcomed our newest member Joe KA9QAT.

 The MINUTES of the previous meeting were approved.

 The TREASURERS REPORT was distributed by John, W9ILY. $946.18 is currently available for donations. Income of $556.95 was from dues, donations, WUST and Winterfest. Expenses of $142.47 were incurred for postage, special event costs and donation in memory of Jack, W9NJB. A motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made by KA9BBQ and seconded by N9ORD.

 WUST: Eight awards have been issued since November. This was assisted by Italian amateurs after noting an article in an Italian ham magazine “Radio Rivista”.


 NAQP SSB: results listed KA9BBQ.

CQ WPX: Metro finished 37th of 51 clubs.

 In the WPX RTTY February contest, NV9L logged over 2500 Qs and over six million points. Participants included N9LAH, K9CS, NV9L, W9ILY and WB9Z. This is possibly #1 in North America.

 CQContest.ru offers near real time reports of contest status. NOTE: The correct address is www.cqcontest.net

 The ARRL CW contest began just before our meeting time.

 Thanks to WA9LEY for organizing the WINTERFEST dinner last month.

 Our FACEBOOK page has 55 “likes”. If you are on FACEBOOK, please check it out. See www.facebook.com/METRODXCLUB


 Dues are due for 2017, so please renew if you have not already done so.

 Our annual picnic will be on July 29 due to a conflict with NAQP-SSB in August. Therefore, a July club meeting will not be held.

 Our donation fund has $946.18 available. Clublog and NCDXF have received donations in the past and $100 was decided to be our 2017 donation to each. This was moved by K9CS and seconded by N9ORD.

 Since two club members are going to Bouvet it was suggested that the club donate $250. This was moved by N9TK and seconded by KA9BBQ. It was approved. N9TK offered to provide matching dollars up to $125.00 from club members’ donations. Many members generously donated additional funds and by the end of the meeting $738 was collected. (At the time of this writing the donations exceed $1000 providing special recognition from the 3YŘZ DXpedition.)

 The ARRL SSB contest is March 4-5, the Wisconsin QSO Party March 12, and the BARTG RTTY contest is March 18.

 Thoughts on having a Field Day operation on June 24-25 were presented. Availability of ham licensing classes was mentioned to get new hams licensed in time for Field Day. Mel NE9A, whose call was recently changed from K9ZAV, noted that Downers Grove has “Tech in a Day” classes.

 We are looking for ideas for a Special Event for this year. Wilbur Wright’s birthday was mentioned and perhaps one celebrating the “First Anniversary of the CUBS victory in the World Series?”

 Honorary membership was bestowed upon Jan, WG9V following his relocation to Wisconsin.

 General Discussion:

 A request to help fund a youth ham adventure to Costa Rica will be under consideration. N9TK will research this request.

 A letter of appreciation from the National Navy/UDT Seal Museum for the club’s contribution of $50 in memory of Jack W9NJB was read by W9ILY.

 Following a motion to adjourn by KA9ZZT and second by K9TP, the meeting was called to a CLOSE at 20:20.

 Following a short break there was a presentation by Jeff, KD9APD on his 160 meter inverted V design. Afterwards, several short videos were shown, the first being a video describing the new Dayton Hamvention location in Greene County, produced by DX Engineering. This was followed by a short video from DX Engineering with an interview of NV9L and WB9Z regarding the upcoming 3Y0Z DXpedition to Bouvet. This included comments and photos from some of Jerry’s previous DXpeditions. Lastly, Club president Jim, N9TK shared his beginnings in Ham Radio in an interview with DX Engineering. He also shared additional information on the forthcoming Bouvet trip.

 These videos are on the DX Engineering site at: www.dxengineering.com/techarticles/videolibrary/interviewvideos

 The concluding video was the SOUTHLAND TV interview made at our 2015 Field Day operation featuring a description of the activity by W9ILY.

 Respectfully submitted:

John Raiger K9DRS