February 2015  


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Metro DX Club Meeting Minutes


February 20, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 19:41 by President Jim Mornar N9TK, with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

In attendance were Jim N9TK, John W9ILY, Bob K9CJ, John K9DRS, Bob N9ORD, Jerry K9PY, Phil N9LAH, Lee WA9LEY, Kurt WB9FMC, new member Tony KD9CAU, Jim NV9X, Mark K9TP and Thomas N9IHZ.

Following introductions, we welcomed our newest member, Tony, KD9CAU.


HEALTH AND WELFARE W9ILY reported that that Jess AI9L is back on the air in limited fashion but soon should be back with repaired antennas from his home in Kingman AZ.

The MINUTES are posted on the website and a motion was made by K9TP and seconded by N9LAH to accept these as published. Motion passed.

The TREASURERS REPORT was distributed by John, W9ILY. All of the funds due to the K9BWQ estate have been paid. Remaining items to be removed are the tower with 6 meter antenna. These will require use of a crane at a date to be determined in the spring. The treasurer’s report was approved and seconded as distributed. W9ILY also reported that our 2014 Special Event cost $16.63 and the club name badges resulted in a positive $6.99 for the club treasury.

The WUST award update: So far this year two awards and one endorsement have been issued and several more applications are expected, mainly due to the K1N operation. W9ILY noted that the application from N6FX indicated he has been at the top of the ARRL Honor Roll since May, 1980!

The K1N activity has not produced a significant variation in our web site hits. We are on track to record approximately 250 hits for February.

A suggestion made by John K9DRS that Val NV9L be contacted to mention on “Hamnation” that many DX clubs have awards and, as an example, the “WUST” Worked U.S.Territories is available from the Metro DX Club. W9ILY will follow up with Val.

Although there were many positive comments on the WINTER DINNER, it is time to look for a new location for 2016.


The results are in for the Winterfest Dinner competition of guessing the total number of QSO’s made by K1N. With the actual number being 139,702, the winner at 134,569 was Bob, N9ORD.

Comments on K1N operations were shared including the jamming and “policing” activities which caused some disruption. In spite of this several members present were able to make more than 10 contacts including N9TK, K9PY, N9LAH and WA9LEY. Many of us were just happy to get the contact in the log.


A donation of $100 was authorized to CLUBLOG from the Metro proceeds of the K9BWQ estate sale. Following a discussion, a motion for the donation was by made by K9TP, seconded by K9CJ and approved.


TI9 Cocos Island is winding down.

E3 Eritrea is scheduled in March.

In 2016, South Sandwich and South Georgia Islands are scheduled with Metro DX member Mike, K9AJ, serving as the team physician.

ARRL International DX CW Feb. 21 and 22

North American QSO Party-RTTY Feb. 28 – Mar. 1

ARRL International DX SSB Mar. 7 and 8

GENERAL DISCUSSIONS included indoor attic antennas and possible RFI and TVI interference.

Bob, N9ORD, gave an update on booths at Dayton Hamvention that will be manned by Bob and Phil, N9LAH.

A question on DC power cables was asked – are toroid cores needed? The general consensus was that they are not needed on the power cable.

Also discussed was Ham Radio Deluxe and how to configure LoTW when replacing computers. The FAQ for LoTW explains in detail how this is to be done and it is not difficult.

Following a motion to adjourn and being seconded, the meeting was called to a CLOSE at 20:35 so that socializing and the program could proceed.


For those that missed the great program on PILEUPS,

The links to the pileup software is:




and, for SSB



Respectfully submitted:


John Raiger K9DRS