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Article  I  -  Name.

   The name will be The Metro DX Club.


Article II  -  Object.

   The purpose of this organization will be to help each member work DX – pass on DX information – discuss equipment – seek DX manager information – and do anything that will help increase our enjoyment of the hobby.


Article III  -  Who May Belong.

   Membership in the Metro DX Club will be open to any licensed Amateur Radio Operator who has an interest in DX’ing.


Article  IV  -  Quorum.

   A quorum will consist of 25% of the membership.


Article  V  -  Officers.

   The officers of the Metro DX Club will be as follows:  President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

   The positions of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined into one office if this is the will of a majority voting at a meeting.


Article  VI  -  Term of Office.

   Each officer’s term of office will be for one year.


Article  VII  -  Nomination and Election.

   Nominations for office and election will take place during the November meeting each year.  The officers elected will take office at the January meeting.


Article  VIII  -  Meetings.

   A meeting will be held once each month at a time and place convenient to the membership.  A meeting may be canceled or postponed in December because of the Christmas holiday.


Article  IX  -  Dues.

   Annual dues will be collected from the members in such amount as may be determined by the vote of a majority of the members attending a monthly meeting.

   It will be the policy of the Metro DX Club to keep the dues collected to a nominal amount.


Article  X  -  Duties of Officers.

   It will be the duty of the President to preside at meetings of the club and to appoint any committees that the membership may vote to institute.

   The Vice President will fill the office of the President in the absence of the President.

   The Secretary will take minutes.  He/she shall send notices to the membership when directed to do so by the President.

   The Treasurer will collect the dues of the membership and will keep all the financial records of the Metro DX Club.


Article  XI  -  Committees.

   From time to time Committees may be formed to help the Metro DX Club.  For example, a Program Committee or a Nominating Committee may be formed.

   The President will appoint the Committees, with the advice and consent of the membership.


Article  XII -  Rules of Order.

   Roberts’ Rules of Order shall govern all parliamentary proceedings of the Metro DX Club except as otherwise provided.


Article XIII – Honorary Lifetime Membership.


   1.   A member who has made significant contributions to the organization

         and/or DX’ing in general.

2.       Lives a distance from the meeting location that makes regular attendance

at club meetings and functions impossible.


1.       Must be an existing member of record.

2.       Shall be nominated by a quorum of the membership.

3.       Shall be approved by a minimum of 50% of the total membership.


1.       An Honorary Lifetime Membership Certificate will be issued.

2.       Any and all privileges of a member in good standing with the following


a.       Voting can only be executed when in attendance at a meeting.

             b.   In the event of the sale of Club assets or disbursement of Club funds, the Honorary Life Member will not have any claim to the



Dated:    20 JUNE 2008