April 2017  


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Metro DX Club Meeting Minutes

April 21, 2017

The meeting was called to order by President Jim N9TK, with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag at 19:35.

In attendance, besides Jim were John W9ILY, John K9DRS, Bob N9ORD, Matt K9BBQ, Barb KA9BAG, Jerry K9PY, Mike K9LSH, Mel NE9A, Wayne AC9EF, Joe KA9QAT, Gregg AB9MZ, Bob K9CJ, Kurt WB9FMC, Phil N9LAH, Jerry K9LOT, Jim NV9X, Mark K9TP and Lee WA9LEY.


Health and Welfare

AB9MZ mentioned his significant eye pain. KA9QAT mentioned that Melanie had a torn rotator cuff.

The MINUTES of the previous meeting were moved to be approved by K9TP and seconded by KA9QAT. Motion passed.

The TREASURERS REPORT was distributed by John, W9ILY. $445.44 is available for donations. Income of $16 was from WUST awards. Expenses of $70.24 were incurred for postage, quarterly web cost and our donation to the Youth Program. A motion to approve the treasurer's report was made by KA9BBQ and seconded by N9ORD

WUST was active, with two awards presented to IW9HII and N9IGP. The rules concerning the recent DXCC deletions were discussed. . CONTEST RESULTS:

In the CQ World Wide RTTY contest, Metro finished 7th from the bottom with three members participating.

At this point a mention was made by AB9MZ of DMR. A Digital Mobile Radio presentation will be made at the next Hamfesters meeting May 5th.


Patches, hats and apparel information is forthcoming from N9TK.

A motion to donate $100 to INDEXA was made by NE9A, seconded by K9PY and approved.

Thoughts on Field Day were discussed with this being a FUN event. The class of operation and equipment to be operated was discussed. The possible use of a bus for our use was described in a video taken by N9TK showing the interior of this mobile command center. A survey was taken and eleven members wish to participate in Field Day. Antenna considerations were reviewed as well as night time operators. Band operation and meal planning was covered in depth including pizza. The club will provide the food, pop and water. Category 2A was decided for operation with a call for the GOTA station to be determined. We will have HF and VHF stations in operation.

A Special Event operation this year will be the "First Anniversary of the Cubs World Series 2016 Victory." The call will be W9C from October 2 to 8, 2017. K9TP will contact the Cubs organization for the needed permissions and logo.

General Discussion:

Club member Nick, W9UM has equipment available including a Viking Challenger, tuners and more.

W9ILY displayed a QSL card of his past as a KN2. It was dated April 18, 1957, when he was 14 and printed his own QSL cards in his basement.The card was returned from its recipient in Boise, Idaho sixty years later.

KA9QAT is in the process of writing a book on his knowing Bob, W9LNQ.

K9LSH and W9ILY reported some facets of the IEEE-EMC Society meeting April 19th at Fermi Lab in Batavia.

Following a motion to adjourn and second, the meeting was called to a CLOSE at 20:25.

After a short break there was an excellent presentation by Matt K9BBQ on SOTA: Summits On The Air. See www.sota.org.uk (Congratulations to Matt on his new call that arrived soon following the meeting.)

Respectfully submitted: John Raiger K9DRS