April 2014  


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Metro DX Club Meeting Minutes


April 18, 2014


The meeting was called to order by President Jim Mornar, N9TK, at 7:33 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. We welcomed guests Billie Kerouac K9QT and Joan, XYL of K9DRS to our meeting.

Old Business

 a.)    Health and welfare:

i.)                  W9ILY explained that the club, as has been done in the past, donated $50.00 in the memory of our friend and member Patti Colvin, AF9H. The donation was made to the Braceville United Methodist Church as was the wish of Jess, AI9L. An acknowledgement was received from the church and was read to the group.

ii.)                There was no further information on the condition of Bob, W9LNQ. We wish him the best. As was noted in the minutes on the March meeting, cards can be sent to: R. Truhlar, 14855 W. Smith Road, Manhattan, IL 60442.

b.)    All members received a copy of the March minutes which were approved.

c.)    The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed by W9ILY. Income was from one WUST awards and membership dues. Expenses were for the AF9H memorial, our quarterly web cost and postage. Details were distributed to all members. The report was approved. Our complete Treasurer’s Report is in the “files” section on our Yahoo Group.

d.)   Upcoming contests were discussed by Carl K9CS and Jim, N9TK. Jerry WB9Z will operate as W1AW/9 in December. Val, NV9L, explained how the WI effort was handled. They made approximately 50,000 QSOs and the goal for Illinois will be 50,000. Jerry WB9Z and Val NV9L will be attending the WRTC Convention.

e.)    One WUST award was issued since our last meeting to K1BV. Ted maintains the worldwide listing of awards and we were very pleased to issue his award.

f.)     The WAE Challenge for Metro was reviewed by W9ILY. There are three classes: those having fewer than 100 DXCC, those having 100-200 DXCC and those having over 200.To date only six members have reported their activity to W9ILY for web posting. The rules and results are on the web site. We need more participation.

New Business

 a.)    Field Day June 28-29: K9TP noted that the mobile home he has use in past years has been sold. N9TK has uncertain plans and there was low overall interest.

b.)    Dayton Hamvention: N9TK asked who would be going to the Hamvention and many will be going. N9ORD reported that he and Phil, N9LAH, have again reserved booth #FE4019 in the flea market area, the same location as last year. DUE TO THE NUMBER OF MEMBERS ATTENDING THE DAYTON HAMVENTION, OUR MAY METRO MEETING WILL BE HELD ON FRIDAY, MAY 9, ONE WEEK EARLY.

c.)    Summer Picnic: N9LAH agreed to host our annual picnic on the first Saturday in August, August 2. Mark, K9TP, will serve as chairman again this year. Mark your calendars now!

d.)   General discussion: K9PY mentioned that he has an LP-PAN for sale. This unit is like the K3 display but is better. K9DRS has a piano for sale. K9NR will be retiring soon.

e.)    It was noted that ads for items for sale can be placed on our reflector for all to view.

The meeting closed at 7:48.

Following a short refreshment period, our featured program was the FT5ZM DXpedition presented by Jerry, WB9Z. Jerry was one of the participants in this huge operation and Val, NV9L, was their Chief Pilot. Jerry gave a great PowerPoint presentation of the DXpedition’s organization, personnel and operation on the island. Included was an unusual underwater video that was taken by a crew member of the Braveheart of a pod of killer whales (orcas). All members enjoyed Jerry’s presentation.

Following the FT5ZM presentation, Jim, N9TK, presented a plaque to former president Phil Snyder, N9LAH, for his participation and contributions to our club.

Attendees:  K9AJ and XYL K9XYL, K9CJ, K9CS, K9DRS and XYL Joan, K9NU, K9NR and XYL Billie K9QT, K9PY, K9TP, KA9ZZT, N9LAH, N9ORD, N9TK, NV9X, NV9L, W9ILY, W9MK, W9OA, WB9LSH, WB9Z and WF9V.

Submitted by W9ILY, Secretary-Treasurer