April 2009  


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This evening the meeting was called to order at 7:31 PM by President Bob Adamitis K9MDO.  He led the group with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  Secretary/Treasurer Jack Nienhaus W9NJB then read the minutes of the March meeting and the Treasurer’s report.  Both reports approved by the membership present.

Vice President John Holmes, W9ILY, reported  the following recent contest activity (showing their QSO totals) by our members:

    CQWW-160-SSB: N9AKR (128-finished his 160 SSB WAS), AI9L (69) and K9MDO (2)

    ARRL INT'L SSB: N9AKR (167), AI9L (118-20M only), W9TY (OP-K9MDO) (95-15M only), W9ILY (75-15M only) and N9WK (50).

    BARTG Spring RTTY - AI9L (132), W9PDS (109), W9ILY (102-6 hour category), N9LAH (33)

   CQWPX-SSB - AI9L (251), W9ILY (107-20M only), W9PDS (73), N9AKR (16), N9LAH (14) and WB9Z (QSO total not received)

In addition, results for the 2008 CQWPX-CW contest were published and members W9OA/9 and W9ILY participated. W9ILY received a First Place certificate for 15M in the 9th Area.

The regular date for our May meeting will conflict with the Dayton Hamvention and a show of hands indicated that the majority of the members present tonight would be in Dayton .  K9MDO indicated he would be in the Galapagos Islands on that date.  Apparently no other date was available to hold the May meeting.

Field Day chairman Bob Jacobson K9CJ was absent this evening so it was not possible to do much FD planning. K9CJ was last heard from in Tennessee  possibly headed for Florida .   Our next meeting will be on June 19th, the week before Field Day, so last minute plans will have to be completed by then.

The annual club picnic was confirmed with the Colvins to be held on Saturday August 15th at the Colvin ranch in Braceville , IL .  Bob Berger N9ORD is the Picnic Chairman.

Jerry Celmer K9PY told about visiting a decommissioned missile silo in  Green Valley Arizona that still has   a giant  discone wire antenna.  Hams are allowed to park their cars close by and make a connection with coax provided by the local club to their mobile units and work the bands. 

 Refreshments this evening were provided by Jess, AI9L. Refreshments for the next meeting will be provided by Frank Gassmere K9BWQ.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM .

Members present tonight were: W9ILY, W9NKV, AF9H, AI9L, W9LNQ, N9ALC, K9PY, N9ORD, N9LAH, N9AKR, K9MDO and W9NJB.

Our guest speaker was Mark Thompson WB9QZB who presented a highly interesting explanation of the D-Star System   (Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio).  At the present time it is being supported mainly by ICOM Inc., although other manufacturers are joining in.  To simplify what this new technology is – D-Star is a new ham radio system which offers digital voice and data communication.  It connects repeater sites over UHF links and the Internet and forms a wide area ham radio network in addition to local communication.  The D-Star system provides a new capability and functionality to the ham radio world and increases the efficiency of emergency communications.

Respectfully submitted by Jack Nienhaus W9NJB Secty/Treas.