April 2008  


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              METRO DX CLUB MEETING MINUTES – April 18, 2008

 The meeting was called to order at 7:31 PM by President Bob Adamitis K9MDO who then led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance.  We are now meeting at the Midlothian Municipal Center that will be our permanent home.  The minutes of the last meeting and the Treasurer’s report were read by Jack Nienhaus W9NJB  Secretary/Treasurer and approved by the members.


John Holmes, W9ILY, reported that there is not much in the way of coming contests until the CQWW-WPX CW contest on the last weekend of May.   However, the Indiana QSO Party, the 7-land QSO Party and the New England QSO Party will occur during the first weekend of May.  There will be much activity from those areas for members interested in contacting states for the WAS award.  John exhibited a certificate received from the Yankee Clipper Contest Club for 10 two-way contacts made by club station W9TY.  He also reported that pictures of club members in their ham shacks are very slow in arriving. When received, they will be posted on our club web site. If any members do not have a digital camera, let K9MDO or W9ILY know so that they may assist with a picture.    


W9ILY is still looking for DXCC and DX Challenge numbers from the members to be posted on the club web site. John plans to send an update to the membership on a quarterly basis, but needs input from the membership as to their current DXCC and DX Challenge statistics. 


W9ILY reported that our club web site has run out of space with the present provider.   John requested that we move our account to QTH.com at a cost of $4.95 per month.  A motion to do this was made by Jess AI9L, seconded by Jerry K9PY and approved unanimously by the members. 


H&W:  K9MDO reported that Roger K9RB had part of his right leg below the knee amputated last Monday.  His blood pressure and blood sugar that were elevated following the surgery are now under control, but he is suffering from phantom pain.  He still needs our thoughts and prayers.


Bob and John spoke to club member Bill N2WB on the phone the other day on Bill’s return from the Clipperton DXpeditionHe was happy to work some Metro members on that DXpedition.   Last week John and Bob met Eran Agmon WH6R at O’Hare who had a layover on his journey from Hawaii to Israel where his call is 4X1AI. After breakfast at a Chicago style Greek restaurant, they gave him a quick auto tour of Chicago  Eran is the CEO of an IT firm with an office in Honolulu .  He started out as a antenna designer in Israel  and has lived in Hawaii for the past 26 years. 


Jerry K9PY brought an interesting piece of the club history to the meeting.  He had the minutes of the very first Metro DX Club meeting that was held November 24, 1981 at the Oak Forest Hospital with 20 hams present.  Three of the original members attending that meeting, still belong to the club;  W9AEB , K9MDO and K9PY.  At the first meeting there was “unanimous agreement to keep things simple”. 


W9ILY mentioned a campaign named "Operation CQ" that is trying to put together a history of call signs. Individual hams are being asked to add information about their previous call signs, the dates held, class of license, address, etc. This information is not available anywhere at this time and will possibly be lost forever. The internet address is http://www.vanityhq.com/ and this address will be forwarded to the membership. 


Field Day was briefly discussed and W9ILY reported that the W9TY location at Oak Forest Hospital has been added to a Field Day location map provided by the ARRL so that hams can easily find Field Day stations in their area. Jack advised that the motor home is available. 


The business meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM and program chairman W9ILY then showed a DVD entitled J2ØMM Djibouti.  It was an interesting story about a group of Italian hams who operated on the nearby island of Moucha off the Djibouti coast.


Those present tonight were: K9BWQ and XYL Dolores, N9AKR, W9ILY, W9NJB, K9MDO, K9PY, N9LAH, AI9L, AF9H, N9ALC and W9LNQ.

 Respectfully submitted by Jack Nienhaus W9NJB, Secretary/Treasurer