May 2007  


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President Bob Adamitis, K9MDO, called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. The reading of the minutes of the last meeting was dispensed with as they were previously published on the club WEB site and by e-mail to the members. The Treasurer’s report was given by Jack Nienhaus, W9NJB, club Secretary/Treasurer and approved by the members.

Jack reported that he has received permission to use the motor home for Field Day. We have a letter from Mr. Inman of the Oak Forest Hospital giving permission to use the hospital grounds for Field Day. However, everyone is aware of the turmoil going on in the Cook County government with numerous employee layoffs, facility closings and news coverage that county officials are contemplating sale of the hospital grounds to help fill their budget deficit. On Fox TV news the other evening a story was reported with film coverage of our FD site. KB9CBJ, Walt, reported that he had been instructed by the hospital chief of security that tonight would be the last time Metro DX Club could use the hospital facilities for club meetings. KB9CBJ will speak to Mr. Inman again and ask if there is a possibility of the club also being denied at the last minute the use of the hospital grounds for FD. The club has used this location for meetings since it was formed, 27 years ago. K9MDO and VP John, W9ILY are seeking to locate a new meeting place that will meet the club’s requirements. In view of the active members that reside south and east of the present location it will be necessary to find a place in the general vicinity of our present spot. Every club member is urged to search for another location, keeping in touch with K9MDO and W9ILY.

FD plans were discussed in the absence of FD Chairman, K9CJ, Bob Jacobson. The members seemed to favor a 2A operation instead of 1A regardless of the extra burden in setting up the stations and antennae. The president reports that K9CJ has made contact with Dennis, KA9ZZT regarding obtaining the masts and hardware that Dennis has stored. We have the club generator that was donated last year by Tom, W9AEB; Bob, N9AKR reports that he will provide his generator and Dave, WG9J provided his generator last year and hopefully will do the same this year. Other equipment and coax cable was discussed. Set up will be on Friday, June 22nd and members should be there by 6:00 PM. The members discussed the networking of the FD computers and which of the logging programs will be used. It appears that Writelog will be the choice. N9LAH and N9AKR will test their laptop computers in advance to be sure all is working correctly.

H&W: Bob, W9LNQ is out of the hospital following carotid artery surgery. He will have to return for surgery on the other side of his neck. Frank, K9BWQ, at home recovering from a stroke, is currently undergoing physical therapy. Roger, K9RB, is at home recovering from diabetic foot surgery. All those present wish for rapid recoveries of the three members.

John, W9ILY, reported that he and Phil, N9LAH, had participated in the Indiana QSO Party operating portable from Parke County, IN using our club callsign, W9TY. They reported 288 contacts for 51,700 points. Other contests coming up are CQWW WPX CW on May 26-27 and, of course, Field Day June 23-24.

For entertainment John, W9ILY, had two DVDs. The first was an interesting history of the Northern California DX Foundation, how they came into being and how they have funded and aided the many DXpeditions over the years. The other DVD was very timely as it was about the previous DXpedition to Scarborough Reef showing the four rocks in the middle of the sea that the teams operated from. Club member Mike, K9AJ, has just returned from the most recent DXpedition and the pictures he e-mailed were very similar.

Members present were: N9LAH, N9AKR, KM9M, N9ORD, AI9L, AF9H, W9ILY, KA9CBJ, K9MDO and W9NJB.

Respectfully submitted by Jack Nienhaus, W9NJB, Secretary/Treasurer