March 2007  


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V.P. John Holmes, W9ILY, called the meeting to order at 7:32 PM in the absence of President Bob Adamitis, K9MDO, who is in Florida at the QTH of Roger, K9RB. At this point, via speakerphone from Florida, K9MDO and K9RB joined the group. The minutes of the February meeting and Treasurer’s report were then read by Jack Nienhaus, W9NJB, Sect/Treas and approved by the members.

Walt, KA9CBJ, reported that the church in Tinley Park, that he had approached for a meeting place, had informed him that they were not in favor of our club meeting there because of untidy conditions left after meetings by a previous group. K9MDO then asked Walt to write to the Oak Forest Hospital for permission to conduct our Field Day on the hospital grounds as in previous years. KA9CBJ advised that Mr. Inman of the Oak Forest Hospital, who was the person he had always dealt with, was retiring this year, and would get a letter off to him promptly.

Two misplaced Field Day antennas have been located, one by K9MDO and the other by K9CJ. A brief discussion ensued as to the whereabouts and well being of KA9ZZT, Dennis Robinson who has not been heard from since last Field Day. K9CJ will check. At this time K9MDO and K9RB in Florida checked out of the cell phone connection.

The club’s new reflector has proven to be a great success and a means of keeping members together and talking to each other between meetings and activities. Jack, W9NJB, thanked Jesse, AI9L, for suggesting it and John, W9ILY, for the rapid implementation of the Metro DX Club reflector.

John, W9ILY, reported that the club score was listed in 2nd to last place in the WPX contest, an improvement from last year’s last place. K9BWQ, Frank, was congratulated for his First Place listing in the CQ Magazine DX CW Honor Roll with 336 countries confirmed. Both John, W9ILY, and Frank, K9BWQ, are QSL card handlers for W9 call signs and report seeing an increase of inbound cards to new ham call sign holders. This is a bit of encouragement for amateur radio and the new rule structure. However, the overall number of incoming cards continues to decrease. The CQWW-WPX-SSB contest will be March 24/25 and the CQWW-WPX-CW contest will be on May 26/27.

Dave Alm, WG9J, and his XYL, were recently on a vacation trip to Egypt and told about visiting the pyramids and a cruise on the Nile. Security was very strict and guards with AK47’s were everywhere. He also mentioned that in Cairo, 150,000 homeless people are living in tombs that have been made livable with electricity added by the authorities. They both enjoyed the trip.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM and a DVD with Barry Goldwater’s last interview before he died was played. Barry told about his start in ham radio and his adventures with it throughout his life.

Members present were WG9J, W9ILY, N9AKR, N9LAH, N9ALC, W9LNQ, N9ORD, AI9L, AF9H, K9CJ, K9BWQ, KA9CBJ and W9NJB.


Respectfully submitted by Jack Nienhaus, W9NJB, Sect/Treas.