June 2007  


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The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM by the President, Bob Adamitis, K9MDO. Tonight’s meeting was held in the lunchroom of County Packaging at 13600 S. Kildare, Crestwood, the employer of member N9LAH. The minutes of the last meeting were dispensed with as they had been published in the club’s web site and e-mail copies sent to each member. The Treasurer’s report was given by Jack Nienhaus, W9NJB, and approved by the members.

H&W – Walt Kline, KA9CBJ had a pacemaker implanted a week ago and needs several weeks to recover.

Bob Truhlar, W9LNQ had stints placed in his neck arteries.

Frank Gassmere, K9BWQ is up and around recovering from a recent stroke.

Roger Borowski, K9RB is home recovering from foot surgery.

Field Day is next weekend, June 23/24. The members present discussed whether we should operate a 1A or 2A Field Day operation. There was a spirited discussion that there are not enough operators to keep two stations going throughout the contest and that it would involve too much additional setup labor. The members finally voted for a 1A operation, but that a second station would be set up with only one station operated at a time. FD Chairman Bob Jacobson, K9CJ has the necessary equipment, parts and antennae lined up. This year we are well off for generators with the club’s 4KW and several others. In addition N9LAH has a 7 ˝ KW that he wants to try out.

We still do not have a permanent meeting place. Tonight's location was strictly for tonight. Lets all get involved and any leads should be passed on to K9MDO or W9ILY.

Jim Mornar, N9TK played a comical audio disk.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM

Members present were: N9AKR, K9PY, N9ORD, N9TK, K9CJ, KA9ZZT, N9LAH, W9ILY, K9MDO, and W9NJB.


Respectfully submitted by Jack Nienhaus, W9NJB, Sect/Treas