July 2006  


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The meeting was called to order by the President K9MDO at 7:40 PM. The secretary, W9NJB was away at his high school reunion in Wisconsin.

John, W9ILY reported that 3Y0X was delaying sending the DVD for Peter Island. K4UEE indicated there would be a delay for the DVD ordered

2005 - 10 meter contest participants were reported by John; W9ILy, K9MDO and K9DXR. He also reported on the North America QSO (RTTY) contest. W9ILY, N9LAH, K9PY and N9AKR participated in the contest. Total for the contest was 69,000 points. No further contests were announced.

The program for the meeting was the K7C DXpedition on Kure Island.

W9ILY reported on the results for the ARRL Field Day, 2006 as follows: 912 CW QSO (3,648 pts).; 658 SSB QSO (1316 SSB pts) plus 950 bonus (5,914 pts.) for a total of 1,570 QSO and 14,526 pts.

Reflections about Field Day, 2006 were asked for by K9MDO.

Comments were made as follows by the members present: 

More people were needed to operate the stations; an antenna was not operating properly; generator noise was a problem.

Present at the meeting: K9MDO, K9PY, AI9L, AF9H, K9BWQ, W9ILY, K9CJ, KA9CBJ, N9LAH, and KM9M.

Tickets for the Hamfesters Radio Club meeting on Aug 13th at the Peotone, Illinois Fair Grounds were offered for sale by K9MDO.


K9MDO asked if there was interest in shirts or jackets with the club logo for members. He will be visiting in Florida to investigate prices. Contact K9MDO if you are interested.

A thank you letter sent to Mr. Douglas Inman, Assoc. Administrator at Oak Forest Hospital for the 2006 Field Day use of the hospital grounds was read by KA9CBJ.

The DVD Kure DXpedition was viewed by club members. The video was very picturesque of the island and the setup of the antennae was interesting. K7C reported there were 52,000 plus contacts.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted,