January 2008  


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The Annual Winterfest Banquet was held in lieu of our regular meeting on January 18th, the third Friday of January at the Old Barn Restaurant in Burbank.

There were 23 members, wives, and guests in attendance. Attending were: Bob Adamitis, K9MDO; Karen Adamitis, WB9YBL; Jerry Celmer, K9PY; Jess Colvin, AI9L; Patti Colvin, AF9H; Frank Gassmere, K9BWQ and XYL Dolores; John Holmes, W9ILY; Bob Jacobson, K9CJ; Mike McGirr, K9AJ; Jack Nienhaus, W9NJB; Dennis Robinson, KA9ZZT and XYL Jan; Bob Sebonia, AK9Y and friend Eileen; Phil Snyder, N9LAH and XYL Cindy; Bob Truhlar, W8LNQ; Dot Truhlar, N9ALC; George Zielinski, W9OA and XYL Maryann; Harry Hess, K9MDK; and Don Sommerfeld, K9KNZ.

We selected our entrees off the menu and as usual the food was delicious. Here are some of the entrees enjoyed by the group: Chicken Kiev, Pork Chops, BBQ Ribs, Veal Cutlet, Filet Mignon, NY Strip Sirloin, Lobster Bentley, Boston Scrod, Halibut Steak, Lake Perch and Shrimp Maison. From the preceding you can see that no one went home hungry.

A short business meeting was called to order before the food was served. President Bob Adamitis proposed that an honorary membership be initiated for those members who have substantially contributed by their actions to the Metro DX Club and/or furthered DXing as part of our hobby, live outside the area and are not able to attend meetings or take part in activities. Members meeting the criteria are: Roger Borowski, K9RB of Orange Park, FL; Phil Florig, W9IXX of Columbus, NC; Bill Beyer, N2WB of Ormond Beach, FL; and Bill Koltz, N9WK of Oshkosh, WI. The proposal to make these into Lifetime Honorary Members was put into a motion by John Holmes, W9ILY and seconded by Bob Sebonia, AK9Y. The motion was approved unanimously by all members present.

We have a location for the February meeting. It is the Orland Park Public Library located at 14921 Ravinia Ave. in Orland Park. We may only use the room from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. Full information will be provided prior to the meeting.

After finishing with our dinner, Bob, K9MDO and John, W9ILY presented a interesting slideshow program of their recent DXpedition to St. Pierre et Miquelon Islands and Newfoundland.

Respectfully submitted by Jack Nienhaus, W9NJB Secretary/Treasurer