January 2007  


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This report is being sent out for the edification of all our members who were unable to attend the banquet. At least three were out of the country and others had various matters to attend to.

The Annual Metro DX Club Winterfest Banquet for 2007 is now history. It was held on Friday, January 19th at the Old Barn Restaurant in Burbank, IL and enjoyed by all present. The following members and guests were present: Bob Adamitis, K9MDO and XYL Karen, WB9YBL; Jerry Celmer, K9PY; Jess Colvin, AI9L and XYL Patti, AF9H; Frank Gassmere, K9BWQ and XYL Dolores; John Holmes, W9ILY; Bob Jacobson, K9CJ; Mike McGirr, K9AJ and XYL Susan, K9XYL; Bob Sebonia, AK9Y and friend Eileen; Phil Snyder, N9LAH and XYL Cindy; Bob Truhlar, W9LNQ and XYL Dot, N9ALC; George Zielinski, W9OA and XYL Mary Ann; Harry Hess, K9MDK; Jack Nienhaus, W9NJB.

The members ordered off the menu and we were surprised to learn that most of the entrees had increased $2 in price over the Old Barn menu prices posted on their website. Our diners put in a few extra dollars and we then had enough to pay the check and the tip. The young lady assigned as our waitress did an extra special job and was well rewarded.

As a special treat, Mike McGirr, K9AJ, put on a program of his November 2005 Islands of the Air (IOTA) DXpedition to Miskitos Cay off the coast of Nicaragua . The island was populated by thousands of rats and billions of tiny insects and despite that he managed to make a large number of contacts..

In a few days I will send out some pictures taken at the banquet.

de Jack Nienhaus, W9NJB, Secretary/Treasurer