February 2008  


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The meeting this evening was held at the Orland Park Library at 14921 Ravinia Ave. in Orland Park, IL, courtesy of Orland resident, Jim Mornar, N9TK.

The meeting was called to order at 7:06 PM by President Bob Adamitis, K9MDO. The minutes of previous meetings in November and January were read by Jack Nienhaus, W9NJB, Secretary/Treasurer along with the Treasurerís reports for the same months.

The president remarked that all banquet expenses were covered by the membership. Vice President John Holmes, W9ILY was absent as he and his XYL are on a motor tour of the Southern States. He has kept in touch with K9MDO via Internet and ham radio. Tonight John and XYL Toots are in Marion, IL and expect to arrive home on Saturday. K9MDO will leave for Jacksonville, FL on February 19th and spend a week with K9RB, Roger Borowski. The March meeting will be held at the Midlothian Village Hall, courtesy of K9PY, Jerry Celmer. More information on this meeting will be forthcoming on the regular meeting notice.

The passing of long time and loyal member of the club, Rev. Walter Kline, KA9CBJ was noted with one minute of silence in his honor. He will long be remembered by Metro DX Club members.

A field day site for this year is uncertain at this time. The Secretary, W9NJB, will try to seek out someone with the authority at the Oak Forest Hospital to say that we can or can not use the field where we have located for the past ten years.

Web site and reflector. Who will be in charge of content and operation? After a brief discussion Jess Colvin, AI9L made a motion that the webmaster (now W9ILY) will be in charge of content and operation. Seconded by Dave Alm WG9J and approved by the membership.

Article IV of the bylaws entitled Quorum was discussed. At present it states that a quorum will consist of any 10 members. A discussion was raised that this number was established when the club had 40 members, while now there are 27 members. Bob Berger N9ORD made a motion that Article IV be amended to read that 25% of the membership would constitute of a Quorum. Seconded by Patti Colvin, AF9H and approved by the members.

At the January meeting and banquet the members approved awarding Honorary Memberships to Roger Borowski K9RB, Phil Florig W9IXX, Bill Koltz N9WK, and Bill Beyer N2WB. The criteria was that all of them had in the past contributed to ham radio and the Metro DX Club and lived outside the metropolitan area making it impossible for them to attend meetings or participate in activities. The Executive Committee will put this into a written statement that can be incorporated into the Bylaws and approved by the membership.

W9ILY has provided K9MDO a number of ideas to make the club a more interesting place for the members. Rather than go into that now we will wait for John to return and present them in person.

The following members were present at this meeting; N9ORD, AI9L, AF9H, WG9J, W9OA, N9TK, KM9M, N9LAH, K9MDO, W9NJB and K9PY.

Respectfully submitted by Jack Nienhaus, W9NJB, Secretary/Treasurer