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   Where DX is our middle name!!  

Welcome to the Web site of  W9TY, the Metro DX Club of South Suburban Chicago, Illinois.

President: Jim N9TK, Vice President: Bob K9CJ, Secretary: Lee WA9LEY, Treasurer: John W9ILY

The Metro DX Club's 2020 Special Event Special Event Station W9C operation was the weekend of, June 19-21. The event recalled the huge Crescent City FIREBALL that occurred on Father's Day, June 21, 1970, FIFTY YEARS AGO. CLICK HERE for the details.

Our regular meetings are at the Tinley Park Emergency Management Agency located at 17355 S. 68th Court in Tinley Park, IL in the operations room on the ground floor. Our next meeting is scheduled for Friday September 18 and will be a ZOOM meeting. Our August ZOOM meeting was graciously recorded by K9EL. Here is the link to that recording:

WHAT, exactly, is DX and DXing and WHY is it so interesting? Watch these short videos for the answer!  and

What exactly is HAM RADIO? If you're interested in this great hobby, there are several FACEBOOK pages devoted to it. Here is one:    And, for new equipment, try this:

What is the deal about contesting? For a short video, check this out:

Here's a  detailed answer, courtesy of K9CT:

Does Metro participate in contests? CLICK HERE for the answer!

When is a contest scheduled? Check here:

Is CW alive and well? How can I learn more? CLICK HERE for the answer!

I've heard about traffic handling in emergencies. CLICK HERE for more info.

The 2019 W9DXCC Convention was fun for over 200 hams and the Banquet dinner participants enjoyed a great keynote presentation by Martin Jue K5FLU, the founder of MFJ. Before the banquet, several Metro members enjoyed sharing a lunch Martin. Below clockwise are Matt K9BBQ, Mel NE9A, Martin Jue K5FLU founder of MFJ, John W9ILY and Jerry K9PY.


Congratulations to Metro DX member Jerry, WB9Z, operating as NV9L, for winning 2018 CQWW-160 #1 North America, #1 United States, setting a new Zone 4 record and United States record! Amazing!


We sponsor the colorful W.U.S.T. (Worked U.S. Territories) Award for confirmed contact with 13, 14 or 15 of those Territories. You will be proud to display this award! If you have contacted the most recently deleted WUST Territory - Kingman Reef (KH6K) deleted on 01 April 2016 you qualify for a "SPECIAL HISTORIC" version of the WUST Award!

CLICK HERE for all the details.


Congratulations to the latest recipient of the W.U.S.T Award: WA4WKL (Endorsements #15 and #16).

Awarded in 2020: WA4WKL (Endorsements #15 and #16)

Awarded in 2019: WA5UA (14), LA5YJ (16), OK2BVX (16), W6KGP (15).

Awarded in 2018: KO6LU (13), WB5OSD (14), GM3ITN (16), DK8MCT (13), W5DAW (13), JA7CVL (16), VE3VTG (13).

Awarded in 2017: DL6MRS (15), KU8X(16), AK76O (16), I4YCE (16), I5HOR (16), I2AOX (16), I1FY (15), IW9HII (12), N9IGP (14), ACX (16) JA7QVI (16) and AC2G (14).

Awarded in 2016: KB9LIE (16), K9OT (16), IK4DRY (16), GDBE (16), G4NXG/M (16), K1KOB (16), K2DFC (16), JN3SAC (16), KB8VAO (14), KF4NEF (endorsement #16), WNB (16), VK2HV (16), SV2CXI (16), AH6FX (14), OE6CLD (16), DL1ASA (16), SP8IQR (16) and KF4MH (16).

For a listing of all recipients, CLICK HERE.

Need someone to check your QSL cards for your DXCC submission? Contact Carl, K9CS, our own QSL card checker for help!

Check out the latest Space Weather conditions!


Our Special Event operation W9C occurred June 19-21. Check the details HERE.
We are having a year-long King of the Hill competition that will result in the King of the Mountain. CLICK HERE for all the details


Hear what a DXpedition hears from the DX side! CLICK HERE.

Our club is listed in Clublog as a member club. All members should be sure to join Clublog ( and add METRO DX Club (MetroDXC) as one of your clubs! As of 3/1/2020, the following members are active with Metro as one of their clubs: AI9L, K9BBQ, K9EGS, K9EL, K9NR, K9NU, K9PMV, K9PY, N9AKR, N9LAH, N9TK, NV9L, W9AEB, W9ILY, W9MK, W9OA, WA9LEY, WB9Z, and WT2P. For the listing from Clublog of the active members click here:


CONGRATULATIONS to our officers for 2020: Agreeing to hold their posts for an additional year are President: Jim Mornar N9TK, Vice-President: Bob, Jacobson K9CJ, Secretary Lee Swanson, WA9LEY, and Treasurer: John Holmes W9ILY. 

Our annual Winterfest dinner in January was attended by 22 members and guests at Papa Joe's in Orland Park. Everyone had a great dinner and there were lots of prizes for all.

Welcome back to former member Pat, W9PDS. Pat was very busy with "life" and has now found the time to enjoy Ham Radio again. 

Mike/K9AJ with his friend Nando, IT9YRE, activated a new IOTA entity SA-101 Alejandro Selkirk Island-the most western island of the CE0Z island group, February  3-5 using the call CBZ. They made about 1,200 QSOs using CW, SSB and FT8. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and cancellation of many events, our March 20 meeting was held on-the-air on the NC9T repeater with call-ins via Skype.

Welcome to our new member Barry, N2BJ!

Welcome to our newest member, Gerry Klotz KB9PKI of Orland Park.

The 2019 CQ DX Marathon winners were announced by K9EL, the awards manager, and W9ILY finished #1 in W9 in the Unlimited category. He was followed immediately by K9NU and N2BJ with W9MK and K9NB a bit down the list. K9NU won the W9 honor in both 2018 and 2017.


CONGRATULATIONS to our officers for 2019: Agreeing to hold their posts for an additional year are President: Jim Mornar N9TK, Vice-President: Bob, Jacobson K9CJ, Secretary Lee Swanson, WA9LEY, and Treasurer: John Holmes W9ILY. 

Congratulations to Thomas, formerly N9IHZ, receiving a new call K9LS.

Our annual Winterfest dinner in January was attended by 32 members and guests at Papa Joe's in Orland Park. We all enjoyed the great dinner, door prizes and lots of laughter!

Mike, K9AJ with Bruce, KD6WW, were on a IOTA expedition activating a new IOTA entity NA-250 5/9 - 5/12 using the call K7Y.

Welcome to our newest member, Ralph, K9ZO.  

Team St. Martin was again be ON THE AIR December 4-14 with a NEW CALL - TO9W! We finished with well over 12,000 QSOs in the log. It was an amazing experience! Team members were K9EL, K9NU, W9ILY and N9AOL. W9MK and K9NB along with AA9A were be our pilot stations. Check out our web page CLICK HERE.

Would you like to contact us? CLICK HERE!

Have questions about club membership? CLICK HERE!

Are you an award chaser? Click HERE for information about the awards that we sponsor.

What did METRO do in past years? Click HERE for the highlights!

Check out our Club Reflector! Click HERE. Be sure to check the member photos posted there! Also, check archived copies of our former printed newsletter, the Metro DXer.

Club contest QSO activities are posted. How did you do against other club members? Check it out now by clicking HERE to see the OUR CLUB CONTESTING RESULTS.

Have you won an award? Let W9ILY know so a copy can be posted HERE! Check out the members awards!


Metro DX Club

3810 N. Chamlin Drive

Morris, IL 60450


To contact us, please email: