Picnic 2011


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Metro DX Club Officers

President: Jim Mornar, N9TK

Vice-President: Bob Jacobson K9CJ

Secretary: Lee Swanson, WA9LEY 

Treasurer: John Holmes, W9ILY

Webmaster: John Holmes, W9ILY


Our club had another very successful picnic that was held at Jess (AI9L) and Patti (AF9H) Colvin's QTH in Braceville. It was well attended, the food was good and it was fun. What else can be said? Here are the members and guests who enjoyed the doings: Jess (AI9L) and Patti (AF9H) our hosts; Bob K9CJ (our President), Phil N9LAH (our Vice-President); John W9ILY and XYL Toots; Bob K9MDO and XYL Karen WB9YBL; Frank K9BWQ and XYL Delores; Mike K9AJ and XYL Sue K9XYL; Bob N9AKR and XYL Mya; Jim N9TK and YL Deb; Paul K9NU; Jim NV9X and XYL; Jerry K9PMV and YL; Bob N9ORD and XYL Trudi; Jerry K9PY and XYL Brenda; Jerry WB9Z; Mark N9TK and XYL Roxanne; Al W9YYG and XYL Diane; and Jess and Patti's next-door neighbor. Here are some pictures of the gang having fun:



Metro DX Club

3810 N. Chamlin Drive

Morris, IL 60450


To contact us, please email:    w9ty@arrl.net