Field Day 2008


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Metro DX Club Officers

President: Jim Mornar, N9TK

Vice-President: Bob Jacobson K9CJ

Secretary: Lee Swanson, WA9LEY 

Treasurer: John Holmes, W9ILY

Webmaster: John Holmes, W9ILY


We enjoyed our 2008 Field Day exercise again, but with fewer members participating. We had great weather and made lots of QSOs in Class 1A.

                                                     Contacts: CW: 494 SSB: 947 Total: 1,441 Contacts Bonus Points: 650

                                                                                     TOTAL SCORE: 4,520


       KA9ZZT and K9CJ assembling the antennas                                      Everybody lift at the same time!


            last!                                             First Class accommodations again...thanks to W9NJB!


                     A local official visited our site.                                                K9MDO hard at work.


                N9AKR putting Q's in the log.                                                    K9CJ at rest before his shift.


                 Our location was really beautiful!                                Time to pack it all away for another year.

Metro DX Club

3810 N. Chamlin Drive

Morris, IL 60450


To contact us, please email: